On March 29 the theater will be acclimated in a Victorian tranquility to present the classic “Angel Street”, which is a mystery play written by
Patrick Hamilton.

The Florida Southern theater group is under the direction Paul Bawek, who has directed past performances such as last years musical “Jekyll and Hyde” and this years “Tartuffe”.

The cast and crew had to work twice as hard for this production because they only had a limited amount of time. Instead of the normal four weeks of preparation they were cut down to less than three weeks, due to spring break and a four-day theater conference.

Bawek pointed out that some people do not know that when the play closed in 1944, it became the sixth longest-running non-musical play in the history of Broadway. In fact “Angel Street” is listed as the 14 longest-running non-musical play, and listed on the top 10 Mystery and Suspense plays of the modern theater.

“I chose to produce this play because it gave our students and opportunity to experience a turn of a century melodrama, and a play that influenced a new generation of stage and film thrillers,” Bawek said.

The play originally had three acts, but Bawek made some changes to the production for the convenience of the audience.

According to Bawek his strategy in having a strong team consists in having a professional set of standard rules that the cast follows, so it is his job to make sure that they follow this rules. Bawek also has the responsibility to give enough time to the student in the rehearsal period to create trust and a bond between them.

“I am debating taking away one intermission, and making it in a two act play,” Bawek said, “I have also cut some of the fat, which is the unnecessary dialog from the play, because it is two hours and a half long without the script edits.”

The play was written in 1938, and later was adapted into the 1940 British film called “Gaslight”. In the play, Mr. Manningham, one of the main characters, tries to drive his wife to edge of madness.

For those who cannot make it on the 29, it is going to be presented on March 30, 31 at 7:30 pm, on April 5, 6, 7 at 7:30 pm, and on April 1, 8 at 2:30 pm.