Photo by Reems Landreth/FSCTV -- President Trump at a campaign rally in Orlando, Fla.

Emma Tallon

Imagine that it’s 2020 and President Trump has just tweeted “Here’s to Keeping America Great”. Unsettling? Here’s what you can do to change it. 

Since April, six Democrats have dropped out of the running and two Republicans have bravely joined the fight against President Trump for the GOP nomination. 

These two candidates are former Governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, and former State Representative for Illinois, Joe Walsh. The mention of Weld or Walsh as potential candidates has rarely crossed headlines, making many Democrats wary. 

“Lack of discussion of nominating another candidate makes me think Trump is the definite nominee,” senior Mark Haver said. 

Haver is a vocal local member of the Democratic Party and serves on the executive board of FSC’s College Democrats. Haver’s experience working as a leader of a political organization on campus makes him representative of the current opinions among the progressive members of the student body and reflects on the reservations Democrats currently hold. 

The silence from Republican’s on Weld as a potential nominee has confirmed what many Democrats in America fear: that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President in 2020. Because many Democrats are so adamantly against Trump, they will vote for anyone regardless of policy or professionalism. 

“Trump’s administration has been so abhorrent…that I will support anyone who can get him out of office,” Haver said.

Haver’s rationale for his position is that the Trump Administration has reduced support of the environment and inflicted harm on immigrants. Both conflicts have been challenged by international audiences and have been labeled as inhumane by supporters of the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations. 

Though it may seem like a great tactic for the Democratic Party to blindly throw their support behind any candidate, it could be more detrimental in the long run due to the controversial actions from the Trump Administration. 

For the American people who may disagree with the President’s viewpoints, it will be in their best interest to unite behind one candidate rather than dividing support between almost twenty candidates. 

Even though it can be tempting to solely support who you individually believe in, it will be more effective to choose who has the better chance of winning back the Presidential seat. Right now, many people feel that former Vice President Joe Biden is the best opponent to run against President Trump due to his previous experience in the White House and his charismatic demeanor. 

“Biden will probably win candidacy, but will not win presidency,” sophomore and member of FSC College Republicans Emily Miles said.

Biden is currently leading the polls with support from more than 30 percent of the Democratic Party, but there is a lack of confidence in the strength of these numbers when compared to the body of supporters loyal to President Trump. 

Based on the strong viewpoints demonstrated above from members of both parties, it is obvious that President Trump will win a second term in 2020, regardless of the many criminal accusations surrounding him and his current administration. Because of this, it is more imperative now than ever to vote, because once a candidate is chosen, there will be a clear winner and a clear loser. 

If you want to be on the right side of history in 2020, make sure that you are registered in your state and cast your ballot in the primaries. 


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