OrgSync is a club and organization management software that Florida Southern College has recently implemented.

Why would a school or organization want to invest in OrgSync? FSC has more than 80 clubs on campus, and OrgSync can really help clubs to stay more organized and on top of things. In other words, it will serve as a solid, campus-wide calendar.

“Basically what [OrgSync] does is it allows you to organize and have an effective way to keep track of what each organization typically does,” Sean O’Brien, assistant director of student involvement, said.

OrgSync comes with many benefits. It makes it easier to keep rosters organized, identify who belongs to which club, keep track of files, and so on because everything has been transferred to an online database.

But the most important benefit of OrgSync is that it allows the various clubs on campus to communicate with each other more effectively.

“This just allows for quick, easy and streamlined communication between faculty, staff, advisors and the student body,” Brenden Peterson, director of major events for the Association of Campus Entertainment, said. “This is not to say that these organizations will stop having regular meetings and events in a social and physical atmosphere.”

Not only does OrgSync have the advantage of quick, easy communication between clubs and organizations, now students do not even have to physically go down to the Bandshell  to register for events, get approvals and so on. They will have access to everything online.

“Now people can go do it on their own online and we have an instant record of it, versus me having to keep track of 80 officers, 80 advisor forms, 80 rosters and 80 constitutions in a file,” O’Brien said. “Now it’s all historically online and if I need to access it, I can access it.”

OrSync allows club members to reach out to other club members through means such as texting and messaging. According to O’Brien, OrgSync has a very similar “Facebook interface feel to it.”

OrgSync has been around since the early 2000s, but this is the first year FSC is actually using the software.

“It’s an investment,” O’Brien said. “We wanted to take the time to make sure that in order to move our clubs and organizations to the next level, we were purchasing the right software at the right time for what we needed.”

Club leaders can register for OrgSync online and then send the link to their club members so they can register too. It is a very straightforward, simple process.

“Due to it being a new program to our school, it is slow to start,” Peterson said. “But as new students come in and are entered into system, they will be able to get first-hand information on all the organizations on campus. They will be able to learn more about where they would like to commit their time.”


Screenshot courtesy of OrgSync