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The movie “Songbird” introduces a more intense version of COVID-19, “COVID-23”, and is produced by “A Quiet Place”’s Michael Bay.

On Oct. 29, the “Songbird” trailer arrived featuring “Riverdale’s” KJ Apa and Disney’s “Descendants” star, Sofia Carson. The film is one of the first movies to start shooting post-Coronavirus lockdowns. Per the movie description, Carson and Apa will be joined by co-stars Demi Moore, Jenna Ortega, Craig Robinson and Bradley Whitford.

Songbird is set in 2024 with the world still in quarantine, only under a new strand of Coronavirus that attacks the brain. Those infected get aggressively torn from their homes and are forced into quarantine camps, referred to as “Q-Zones.” 

The film is centered around Apa’s character, Nico, who is immune to the fictional Covid-23 virus and falls in love with Sara, who is portrayed by Sofia Carson. 

“It’s Romeo and Juliet but they’re separated by her front door and by the virus” director of the film Adam Mason  said to “Entertainment Weekly.”

“I would watch the movie for the plot line, but I don’t necessarily find it ethical,” freshman Avery Stadifer said. “COVID-19, a very real thing, is not something that should be romanticized on the big screen.” 

Soon after the trailer was released to the public, people took it to Twitter to express why they are not happy about the new pandemic-themed film, calling for Bay to “read the room.” Users expressed that the plotline seemed “too soon” given the current pandemic we are in.

“Making a “dystopian horror movie” about a horror that is real and happening RIGHT NOW is so tone deaf,” one tweet read, receiving over ten thousand likes. 

On the contrary, some users tweeted that the film might be educational for the public to show how things could be. One user tweeted “Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe this extreme dystopia will scare some…people into realizing how bad it actually could get.” 

Another expressed that Songbird is “perfect timing” and continued on to state that the movie could serve as a “warning” to the public about what could happen if people did not follow proper COVID-19 guidelines. 

The recent teaser trailer stated that the movie will be “Coming Soon” with no confirmed release date in 2021

Click here to see the trailer for yourself.


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