Danielle Burch
Entertainment Editor

Paramore is testing the waters with their new self-titled album. I at first only dipped my toes in and I didn’t like what I heard at all, but the long time fan of the group in me said just take the plunge.
And I am so thankful I did. This is arguably the best work they have put out to date.
As I do with all new albums that intrigue me I set aside some time to just sit and take this album all in, but I was not prepared to take on this 17-song beast that runs just over an hour.
Not going to lie: I wasn’t that impressed by my first run through, but as I took each song and listened to them out of order I could distinguish the finer points of this album.
Right off the bat ‘Fast In My Car’ is fun and punky with experimental tones thrown in for good measure.
Don’t let the cheerful tune deceive you. Behind the upbeat tempo and dance vibes this song is talking about the controversial departure of the Farro bothers a few years ago. ‘Been through the ringer a couple time/ I came out callous and cruel/ And my two friends know this very well/ Because they went through it too.’
This is a side of the band fans have not been able to see since the departure, but now that it’s out we are hanging on Hayley Williams’s, lead singer, every last word. And that isn’t the only song that is just a tad bit sardonic, ‘Growing Up,’ ‘ Ain’t It Fun’ and ‘Anklebiters.’
Not only is there the traditional Paramore pop punk rock sound, but there it is also a nice mix of lighthearted melodies.
‘Last Hope,’ my favorite song off of the album, is probably the most spot on the trio has sounded since their second album ‘RIOT!.’ This song is positive and uplifting. ‘It’s just a spark/ But it’s enough, to keep me going/ And when it’s dark out, no-ones around/ It keeps me going.’ You can just tell that this is what the group told their selves everyday while trying to move on in the next chapter of their career.
The same goes for the very last track ‘Future.’ This was the only song when I first listened to the album that I had a strong connection and liking of.
It is simple and light at the beginning but near the end it is an all out explosion of sound and passion from Jeremy Davis, bass, and Taylor York, guitar. Some might argue that this is just a filler jam session that could be cut, but I would have to disagree. This song, I feel, represents that new beginning of a band that was on top of their genre and was kind of taken down a few pegs when scandal and betrayal hit them like a brick wall.
One thing that I found rather interesting about this album is that it is broken up by these quick little interludes that normal consist of ukulele and Williams singing a little ditty.
They are fun and catchy, but they are bitter and snarky. In ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’ you can practically hear Williams smiling as she sings, ‘I’m not bitter anymore/ I’m syrupy sweet/ I’ll rot your teeth down to their core/ If I’m really happy.’
I would also like to note that ‘Now’ ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’ and ‘Daydreaming’ are tracks that you should take a listen to as well.
Overall I am extremely pleased with this album and you recommend it to anyone who is looking for a summer playlist.
It has your fun upbeat songs that are great for going to the beach and hangout with your friends.
But it also has lay on the hood of your car and star gaze with that special someone tracks as well. You can buy your copy of ‘Paramore’ April 9.


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