A fun night feels like nothing bad can happen. People just want to have a blast at a party, club or any place, but still horrible things can occur.

In this world there are people that just look to harm others. The nail polish drug detector made by Undercover Colors is a way to help victims. However, it does not give a solution to the bigger problem.

According to newsweek.com this nail polish changes color once a drug has been dropped in a drink. It can detect drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB (a.k.a common “date rape” drugs).

Kristina Morales, wrote on the Under- cover Colors Facebook page “We, as adults are always looking for ways to protect ourselves… Many young ladies would like to have a way to protect themselves… I will buy it as soon as it is available.”

As a college student I support the idea because it could decrease the amount of victims, but I think it is just a small step for saving all the possible victims out there.

According to cwfefc.org, a female in the U.S. is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes. This statistic shows that we really should

step back and think. Not everybody does do something about the date rape epidemic, but now the four students from North Carolina State University finally started somewhere by creating Undercover Colors .

I do believe that it is necessary educate people about the dangers of rape drugs while they are their young to prevent this behavior.

Wcstars.org said “The benefits of engaging students in an age appropriate, positive, non-threatening discussion of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse can far outweigh the drawbacks.”

According to the official Facebook page for Undercover Colors, they want to create fear in the abusers and make them stop before they do it.

If abusers know that now there is a product that shows that they are using a drug it is less likely that they will commit the crime, since it is easier for them caught in the act.

Undercover Colors wrote on their Facebook page “we want to shift the fear from the victims to the perpetrators.”

The Ledger said that this invention caught the attention of a local investor and gave $100,000 has been donated to the project.

“Few seem to have actually reached the market, but interest in them has been high, and all generated media splashes,” said Jay Price, reporter for The Ledger.

FSC student Valentina Ochoa thinks that Undercover Colors is a “great idea.” She believes that this product will help prevent people from becoming a victim.

Ochoa also mentioned that you trust in your friends, but you never really know what their intentions are, therefore it is better to dip your finger in the drink to be sure and possibly prevent an attack.