The San Francisco Giants in front of a crowd of 40,535 predominant Kansas City Royals fans, took game seven of the 2014 World Series in a legendary way. This victory gives them their third world series crown in the last five years.

The Giants ace Madison Bumgarner appeared in three games in the World Series capturing two wins and a monumental five inning save on just two days’ rest in gave seven.

He threw a total of fifty-two and two-thirds innings throughout the whole postseason. Capping that with a 1.03 ERA [earned run average], and the well-deserved World Series Most Valuable Player award.

Aside from the masterful performances of Bumgarner, it was truly a team effort. Right fielder Hunter Pence added a .444 batting average in the World Series, and the “Panda” Pablo Sandoval, a free agent next year, added a .429 average with a huge game seven. Either player, if not for Bumgarner could have earned the Most Valuable Player trophy.

What propelled this team? The Giants were not even the favorite to get to the World Series in most people’s eyes. Bumgarner has his fingerprints all over this series. His ability to pitch near perfection in two World Series games with robotic type calm almost wasn’t human. But it was also timely hitting and leadership by a number of Giants.

Shortstop Brandon Crawford came up with big hits throughout the playoffs, which included a clutch grand slam in the Wild Card game to even get into the playoffs. All the way down the list of players, they all had a moment in which they got their team to that point.

We can’t overlook the unlikely performance the Royals put on throughout the playoffs. A franchise that hasn’t seen the World Series since 1985.

I bet you could find few Royals fans that truly believed that their team could make it to that point at the beginning of the year. But, The Royals swept both the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles, and it just seemed like that team could go through the playoffs unhindered.

“Big Game” James Shields, [who turned out to not be so big game in the end] gave them the boost they needed to get into the Series.

Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer in the field and at the plate proved that the Royals will be in contention again next year.

We witnessed an unlikely matchup, and maybe the best playoff pitching performances of all time. In reality, the Royals seemed to have not much trouble hitting off pitchers not named Madison Bumgarner.

He was the biggest piece of the puzzle for sure, but this franchise continues to win when it counts, and have earned the right to be called a dynasty.