Rebecca Padgett

Opinions Editor

It’s a new school year, which means you get to be reunited with all of your friends, classmates and professors whom you haven’t seen in months. With that being said, everyone is checking you out.

Don’t get bigheaded or cocky. We are nosey creatures. We want to know what everyone has been up to and what changes have happened over the summer. That being said, we all want to look our best with this new school year. Here are a few tips that will have you turning as many heads as nursing majors; turn textbook pages.

Leave an Impression

Stand out! But, not in a, “ what was she thinking for wearing that” way. Find a look that is uniquely you. When you are wearing the same flower print top that is all the rage as 10 other people you are getting attention for all the wrong reasons. When you wear a standout statement necklace from a thrift store or your dad’s Rolling Stones tee shirt from the 80’s, people are going to ask you about it. Have some part of your outfit that is unique and possibly one of a kind. I’ve found that I get more compliments on my vintage cocktail bags and tee shirts I’ve cut up than anything I snag off the nearest designer rack.

Find your Fit

The most important thing you can do is feel completely at ease in your clothes. When you feel comfortable in an outfit you feel confident in yourself. Wearing something that is too tight is not only uncomfortable for yourself, but is often uncomfortable for those looking at you. At the same time, wearing something loose and baggy just looks unkempt and unflattering. What we all need is the perfect fit. Many people think this “perfect fit” doesn’t exsist, but I assure you it does. It just takes some time, effort and a few visits to the fitting room. A pair of jeans that flatters your figure without being too tight, too big, too long or too short is hard to come by but can be an item that becomes an absolute necessity. Don’t just settle. Go out and find key wardrobe staples that actually fit.

Dress to Impress

At the beginning of the year we start out strong by wearing our best outfits, but often after the first week we resort back to our relaxed attire. Don’t do it! Don’t give in. While you are allowed grace periods such as finals, all nighters and the day after Kaus “Oh my god I think I’m dying” days, other than that you should be dressing nicely. No, I don’t mean your Sunday best or presentation attire, but I do mean look presentable. Wear something you wouldn’t mind your boss seeing you in if he caught you strolling about on a Saturday. You may think what you wear doesn’t matter to your professors, but it does. Your professors deserve respect. They come to teach and don’t show up in pajamas, and they deserve the same from you. While you don’t receive a grade for your stylish endeavors they do take notice to what you wear. They appreciate it when they don’t have to pretend to have a serious conversation while staring at you in your yoga shorts and sports bra.

The most important tip I can give you is to have fun with what you wear. I know this sounds cliché, but you know what, sometimes cliché is necessary. Wake up in the morning excited to show off your style. It really is an extension of yourself. No, not everyone is as fashion conscious as I, but everyone does have to wear clothes. So, while you’re at it, love what you wear, make your own sense of style and feel confident enough in it to take on that imaginary runway called across campus.