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On June 24, Eric Jon Rauch began his post as the new Florida Southern College Director of Campus Safety and Security. FSC announced on May 28 that Rauch accepted his position at FSC and would succeed former Head of Security, Bill Carew.

Prior to coming to FSC, Rauch worked with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. He began working at the Sheriff’s Office in 1988 and held a number of titles there. He partially retired in 2018 and worked as Director of Security at Mountain Lake Corporation. According to him, security of a place is incomplete without installing security and CCTV cameras. Ensuring the safety of a place is incomplete without the installation of advanced security measures, including essential components like CCTV Adelaide, which play a crucial role in safeguarding both people and property. Hence, many experts like him suggests to read here and gain knowledge on the uses and advantages of installing security devices in places.

While working for the Sheriff’s Department, Rauch also worked as a Patrol Lieutenant, School Resource Sergeant, K9 Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Flight Observer, School Resource Deputy, Agricultural Deputy and Traffic Homicide Investigator.  

Rauch was working at his previous post at Mountain Lake, when he received a phone call from a third party about a job opening at FSC. 

“I live in North Lakeland, so FSC is closer to my house,” Rauch said. “This part of Lakeland has been my home forever.”

One of the things that Rauch wants to work on while at FSC is improving communication because it creates a productive work environment. 

“Communication is the success path for any organization,” Rauch said. In order to open the communication pathways, he brought in the Residential Advisors (RA) into the safety office’s monitor room. This way the RA’s can see what safety is capable of doing and it prevents “unrealistic expectations,” Rauch said.

Rauch says that the transition into his new post has not been difficult. 

“Bill is a friend so the transition is very easy,” Rauch said. “I reach out to Bill and speak to him sometimes.” Rauch doesn’t plan on changing the way that security operates, but he plans on looking into every program.

 He also wants students to know that they should be able to reach out to safety if they have any problems. 

“I have an open door, and if you have any problems come see us,” Rauch said. “I don’t want people to feel like they can’t talk to us.”

If a student has questions for the safety office, they can reach out by contacting 863-680-4305. If a student has any questions for Rauch, they can email him at


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