By Derrick Jean-Baptiste

Remnant Trust Incorporated is a public educational foundation that has grown exponentially in the last decade. This trust is a traveling exhibit that presents a continually growing collection of archaic manuscripts, English first edition of famous literature and other early works.

Each and every one of the books in the Remnant Trust archives deals with the ideas of individual liberty and common human dignity. The Trust does its best to make the collection available to museums, high schools, colleges, and other higher institutions of education. Once these exhibits are set up, the Trust encourages student, faculty and other guests to pick up the books and take the time to read excerpts from these famous books.

Florida Southern College has been chosen to host a collection of Remnant Trust books for the Fall 2016 semester. This specific collection contains over 50 works that are showcased in the Roux Library and McKay Archives gallery. Since the school has received so many different books in the galleries, FSC only showcases a select few at a time. In order to see all the collection has to offer, make sure to check in multiple times this semester. Keep in mind that there is a slim chance that all of these books will be on display at FSC again soon.

Along with the aforementioned popular exhibit, Roux Library and the McKay Archives will also be presenting a speaker series throughout the fall semester. On Monday, Sept. 12, the first speaker lecture in the Remnant Trust Lecture series took place.

Dr. Brian Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Religion at FSC’s own Religion and Philosophy Department, gave the first lecture of the series, an oration on “Re-imagining the ‘First Wave’: Feminism and Christian Nonviolence in the Nineteenth Century.” That winning the woman’s right to vote, a ceiling-shattering achievement of the time in its own right, is so often the ultimate concern of the women’s rights movement, when it also reckoned with issues of economic, racial, and religious turmoil, is the core of Hamilton’s lecture. He argues that we still have much to learn about these undervalued struggles and influences of the first-wave feminist movement. While Hamilton set the bar for the series, other lectures are scheduled to take place.

The Remnant Trust collection is on display in the McKay Archives gallery from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and on the first floor of the Roux Library during regular library hours.


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