Joseph-Reynolds and Lake Hollingsworth Apartments have experienced flooding. In Allan Spivey Hall, baby fly larva were discovered. However, Community Living has worked to solve the different situations, according to Bill Langston, dean of student development.

“[The insects] were certainly not anticipated and it was not detected until the day the students moved in the residence hall [Spivey],” Langston said.

According to Langston, they handled the situation as best as they could. A beehive was discovered above the ceiling in the wing of Spivey, which was the food source and the root of the problem.

“As part of the treatment, the hive was removed, the flooring was replaced, and the walls and ceilings were treated and repaired as needed. It appears the issue has been resolved and we do not expect any further problems to stem from this highly unusual set of circumstances,” Langston said.

The students were re-located immediately. In some rooms the treatments were more extensive than others as suggested by a good residential roofer in the area

“We obviously want to try and make sure that all apartments and residents halls are in good condition, free from leaks and problems, but we can’t necessarily foresee all those things happening, so sometimes we just have to respond to them as they rise,” Langston said.

Community Living has been working to accommodate the apartments since the summer season.

“We did some roofing to many of the apartments following the guidelines of
. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any of those issues, but for the most part, generally speaking, they put a lot of time, effort and energy into getting those apartments ready for students,” Langston said.

According to Langston, it was a laborious effort on the part of the Facilities crew to get the buildings ready to go.

To make sure they were getting inside of the structure to get rid of the bugs, they had to take some of the walls out.

After this, students returned. It has been two weeks since the incident. They currently have no issues, according to Langston.

“Any time there is an unanticipated situation it impacts the school economically, because we have to bring in outside services to assist us with the clean-up process,” Langston said. “We have to bring people in emergency situations, even our own employees to respond to the situations as quickly as we can to ensure we get things cleaned up to put back the students into as good of a position as they possibly can be.”

In Lake Hollingsworth Apartments, carpets had to be replaced before cleaning by carpet cleaning pittsburgh, roofing work was done and painting was applied inside and outside of the apartments.

Still, some of them presented flooding problems on rainy days.

“There was not only water in the residence halls, but also in the academic areas,” Langston said. “I think the facility did a great job to ensure a quick response.  The water had seeped inside carpets which we had to get them cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati. We were getting to the areas that had the greatest need first, so we can get those students back into their rooms and make them feel comfortable, trying to respond to their needs as quickly as we could.”

When it comes to leaks, it is difficult to know where one is unless there is a rainstorm, according to Langston.