Raven Leverett

Features Editor

The new year leads to resolutions.

Two very popular resolutions are to lose weight and to get fit. Some students decided the best way to meet these resolutions is through fitness challenges.

One Florida Southern College student in particular is doing multiple challenges at the same time. Sophomore Alexis Dean is currently doing the 30-day abs challenge, 300 ab and squat challenge.

“The 300 ab has a lot of different workouts that sometimes repeat, totalling to 300 reps. That usually takes about 15 minutes,” Dean said, “the 30-day abs challenge increases daily in reps, so the time for that varies. Typically it’s about 10 minutes. Same for the squats.”

FSC students are doing more than ab and squat challenges. Juniors Taylor Stockowski and Amanda Starcher are currently doing workouts similar to the challenges based off of a phone app.

“We use a daily workout app. It has workouts that target different muscle groups that you can select for different amounts of time so you can customize your own workout,” Starcher said.

However, challenges can increase more than muscle and burn fat. Some individuals decide to participate in 30-day yoga challenges to increase flexibility.

Yoga Pointe instructor and FSC professor Beth Moran said she has never attempted one, but some of her students have and there are many different types of yoga challenges.

According to doyouyoga.com, an individual can subscribe for free to the 30-day yoga challenge on its website that consists of 30 videos that are 10-20 minutes each to guide you through the 30 days. You can also get your Yoga certification at the Marianne Wells Yoga School.

But why a fitness challenge over the gym?

Oliver Ryan, the founder of Social Workout, believes that the “social aspect of challenges is the key to motivating participants,”as mentioned at wellandgood.com.

“My sister showed them to me when I got back home from break. It really stuck to me to try to get into better shape, not to lose weight with my friend, Assia Angelini,” Dean said.