Bethany Schram
Assistant News Editor

After a two-year hiatus, the Resident Hall Association is being reinstated on the Florida Southern campus.

This association’s purpose is to serve as a voice for FSC’s students as they lobby for changes or work to solve problems.

Candice Robertson, freshman and secretary of the Resident Hall Association, is excited to be involved with this newly re-formed organization.

“RHA is for every hall,” Robertson said. “It’s like an individual hall government. It’s supposed to represent all the community living and all the residents, or everyone who is a resident on campus.”

Francisco Quixtan, freshman and president of the association, joined because he wanted to give a voice to students living on campus.

“My favorite part of RHA is the ability to be able to change things and the ability to be able to help all the people that want help,” Quixtan said. “There are, maybe, a few things about FSC that people want to see different, and I have the ability to try to change that for the benefit of the students.”

Students can to go to the Resident Hall Association with problems that he or she may be experiencing, or changes they would like to see within their communities.

“For example, if people have issues with the trash cans, people can bring that to us,” Robertson said. “We’re kind of like a student government. We also want to start our town hall meetings, so we can get the input about what people have problems with and what people want from us.”

Town hall meetings will serve as a way for students to directly connect with the association. Advisor, Rochelly Ramirez, said the Resident Hall Association will host large-scale programs and will be planning town hall meetings once more students are involved.

“Town hall meetings are an opportunity for all residential students of FSC to come and voice their opinions and discuss with RHA what their concerns are and how some of these concerns can be addressed,” Ramirez said. “They (RHA) hope to have at least one town hall meeting before the close of the spring semester.”

Since the Resident Hall Association is a new organization, getting its name out among students is its current goal.

On Feb. 11, RHA hosted the Cupid’s Bash, its first event held in the Joseph Reynolds’ lobby.

Photos, food and dancing were the highlights of the night.

“The Cupid’s Bash was mostly to get people in the mood for Valentine’s Day,” Quixtan said. “Even if people don’t have Valentines for example, there’s no issue because they can just come to hang out with friends and have a great time.”

The Cupid’s Bash will not be the last event held by the Resident Hall Association. It is already looking into using Mr. George’s Green for its next big celebration.

If you’d like to get in contact with the Resident Hall Association, or be a part of the organization contact the president, Francisco Quixtan at fezquixtan@yahoo.comfor more information.


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