Roux hosts many student events

New plans in works


Hannah Kiester

Roux Library is hosting student events on the part of both Roux Reads Book Club and the librarians themselves.

One of the programs the library puts on is Game Night, which currently averages between 60 to 80 students in attendance.

Roux Library has always had games available to rent.

However, the librarians behind Roux’s many events, Julie Hornick and Stephen Wade, felt like by hosting game nights, the library could provide a social environment in which students can have fun and meet new people.

“I’ve seen students who didn’t know each other beforehand come back together the next game night,” Wade said.

Last Game Night, in addition to board games, the attendees could also participate in trivia.

The addition of trivia to Game Night was a success, so it can be expected to take place at future game nights as well, according to organizers.

Upon the beginning of a new semester, the library also puts on an orientation to Roux events, featuring pizza and a scavenger hunt with prizes.

In addition to game nights, the library has started new “Pop-Up” programs that have a more informational purpose.

Inspired by current events and student suggestions, they help students get more information on a number of topics ,such as avoiding fake news or using Zotero, an online citation program.

“Pop-Up” programs collaborate with the Writing Center.

Together, they host programs aimed at helping students get more familiar with how to cite information in an academic setting.

Another way students can get involved at the Roux Library is through the Roux Reads book club.

The club meets every other Thursday at 6:30 in the library. Roux Reads hosts group discussions on a monthly text as well as hosting several events.

The most popular event, Haunted Roux, had been held around Halloween for the past three years and even won 2015-2016 Campus Event of the Year.

Students can enjoy the haunted house free of charge, or they can get their student organization to volunteer to create a room for the event.

The next even that Roux Reads will put on is a showing of the recent movie adaptation of The Giver, which was their most recent designated book.

The movie will be on February 8th with a discussion to follow. The library is continuing to host the variety of programs, both recreational and educational.

The librarians are designing new events in the hopes that students will come and learn more about what Roux has to offer, as well as its vast resources.

The librarians also hope to provide a comfortable and fun social environment for students to meet potential new friends or just take a break from academic life.

Anyone who has a suggestion for an event Roux could host is strongly encouraged to let a librarian know.

The list of events, as well as dates and times, is available on Mocsync. Updates are also available on the Roux Library Facebook page as well as @rouxlibrary on Instagram.


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