The Associated Press declared Governor Rick Scott won his re-election Tuesday night with nearly all precincts reporting. He held nearly 49 percent of the vote to Crist’s nearly 47 percent.

Optimism was justified after winning the 2014 Florida Governor election, in his last stop on the campaign trail, Governor Rick Scott spoke to students at Florida Southern Nov. 3 about the election.

Scott described this years’ election race based on the importance of getting jobs, According to U.S. News, Scott spent his campaign emphasizing the drop in the state’s unemployment rate during his first term and criticizing Crist as a political opportunist and supporter of President Barack Obama.

“Do you want a job after college?” Scott asked, followed by students’ cheers.

Targeting the college student, Scott’s main focus was jobs,

“If Charlie had the choice between you getting the job or him getting the job, which one would he chose? [He would choose] the job. He just wants a title, but we want it for our families, we’re going to win because we’re going to focus on the future.”

[pullquote]“Do you want a job after college?” Scott asked[/pullquote]

After cutting Florida taxes forty times in Florida, Scott promised to cut more taxes and focus on education and expanding the economy. He hopes that companies will come to Florida because of such tax cuts to create more jobs for Floridians.

“I grew up in a very poor family and I figured out early my parents needed jobs, often my parents did not have a job…” Scott said, “I figured out very early jobs were important, my mom always said to me, ‘Rick if you get a good education and work harder than everybody else you could do anything. She never imagined I would become governor. But she said you could do anything and that’s what I believe in I believe in America.”