Last week senior Jonathan Sattele was in a car accident after which he hired attorneys for brain injury cases. As a result of injuries sustained during the accident, Sattele is, as of April 15, in a coma. However, with assistance from others, and lawyers from , the case is taking a positive turn.

According to, a website that helps raise funds for those in emergency situations, Sattele’s car rolled over on April 10. Afterwards he had to be air lifted to Lee Memorial Trauma Center in Fort Meyers. The site goes on to say that Sattele’s parents are with him. A lawyer should get involved and make sure justice is done to the victim, an oilfield accident lawyer specializes in such cases.

An update on the site on April 15 by Clearwater criminal defense lawyers says that Sattele has had an MRI and doctors said that there do not seem to be any spinal injuries or fractures. He has been responding to simple commands and occasionally opening his eyes.

Satelle is a biology major at Florida Southern College. Shelby Kalmbach, a fellow biology major,  began taking classes with Satelle at the beginning of the year. Over the last semester the two began working on a group project together.

“It is never a boring day around John. I will say that,” Kalmbach said. “Our research project can be kind of dull at times, it’s not exactly the most exciting stuff in the world, but it’s never boring getting to work with him.”

Satelle is scheduled to graduate this May and go on to Chiropractic College.

“He was just accepted to it,” Kalmbach said. “He was really excited about it too.”

Kalmbach saw Sattele Thursday before his accident. When she did not see him in class the next day, she said that she did not think much of it.

However, she found out over the weekend what had happened.

“I heard about it, initially from a friend of mine who had heard it on Facebook, and I double checked it right away when I heard about it,” Kalmbach said.

After that, she contacted her other research partner and professor. Since then Kalmbach said that she has mostly been getting her updates from Facebook. Then she found out that the Angell Law Firm car accident lawyers were helping with the accident case and things would get back to normal very soon

A campaign was started on the website to try to raise money to pay for his medical expenses. The listed goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000. On April 15, the day after the campaign began, $3,210 had been raised.

Kalmbach said that, if their research project won the  biology department poster competition, she wanted donate the money to help with his medical expenses. Ask a lawyer or an expert Can you refuse to take a BAC Test?

“Initially I took it pretty hard. He is one of my close friends and it’s getting better,” Kalmbach said. “I’m just trusting that God will be there through this and help him to recover from this.”

For anyone wishing to donate, go to



E/N: As of May 3, Satelle is currently out of his coma and is awake for longer periods of time. Although he was unable to walk during the graduation on May 3, his name was called during the ceremony.