SGA announces ‘Mocs Ride Home’ Lyft partnership


Sophia Gonzalez
Editor in Chief

In an email sent out to students on March 30, SGA’s 2021-2022 Vice President of Finance Carter Webb announced the introduction of “Mocs Ride Home,” a new partnership with ride-share company Lyft. 

“The idea for ‘Mocs Ride Home’ came from the creative minds behind our exec board,” Webb said. “We realized that this could benefit students who may feel unsafe and need a ride home.” 

The program, in association with Student Life, will give Florida Southern students discounts whenever they need a ride back to campus from select locations, such as the Lakeland Ice Arena, Rec Room, Linksters Tap Room and Lakeland Regional Health. 

Our exec board worked very hard with the representatives from Lyft to establish a partnership that could create a permanent impact for our student body,” Webb said. 

According to the email, students will receive a 50 percent discount for the month of April; discounts will vary each month. 

This initiative was introduced to campus in order to provide a safe option for students to return to campus when they are unable to drive themselves or get back to the school safely. 

“One student who doesn’t feel safe or is in a bad situation is enough for our organization to step in and help,” Webb said. 

Webb’s email also stated that the “‘Safe Ride’ initiative through Checkered cab will continue to also be an option for students.” This program is an additional option so that students have safer options available to them when in need of a way back to Florida Southern.

An email to students will be sent out at a later date explaining how to set up the account so that they can benefit from Lyft’s discounts. 


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