Voting for the SGA Executive Board begins Monday, March 25 and closes at midnight after Wednesday, March 27. To vote, visit the Engage SGA portal and fill out the form. You may need to reset your password, so give yourself time. Three students are running unopposed, but the new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion is one of the most competitive races in recent SGA memory.

Arjeet Tipirneni – Student Body President

“I hope to continue all of the great things that we’ve done in the previous administration to the new one and use all of our connections that we’ve made in our advantage–to help the student body.”

Maxwell Giard – Executive Vice President 

“In the position I really hope to organize our Presidents Circles and make sure those are conducted reasonably and responsibly, as well with work with the executive board to make sure student needs and student organization needs are met throughout the year.”

Mark Haver – Administrative Vice President 

“Last year I served as the VP of Community and Public Relations, where I coordinated events like MLK Day of Impact with CSI and MSC, senior speaker auditions, and managed the SGA Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Between 2016 and 2018, I also managed Florida Southern’s Snapchat and Instagram stories. As having been on the executive board of SGA and a first and third year senator, I understand the inner workings of SGA to a degree where I feel comfortable in being able to translate the duties of SGA to the senate and to other people interested in SGA’s proceedings. I hope you can trust me to lead SGA to be more accountable, to be clear, and to be transparent.” 

Madelyn Walsh – Administrative Vice President

“I think I could use the tools I learned this year as VP communications and when I served as a freshman as first year senator. I’ve been able to learn about myself and what I can do as a leader, and with the lessons that I’ve learned, I think that it will give me an advantage and it qualifies me to facilitate communication with the senate, the student body, and upper administration.”

Abbey Hoffman – Administrative Vice President

“I really want to bring unity to our campus, because I know we have a lot of initiatives that are going on and sometimes they don’t reach from one end to the other. So like Enactus is working on a project called Sustain Lakeland, which is all about recycling in the community and I know SGA has our Sustainability committee. and I know those things don’t always match up with what we want to do and we don’t get to communicate that much, so I really want to bring unity to our campus.”

Ahad Aziz – Vice President of Finance

“If elected, I would like to save the school some money… as well as hav[e] less t-shirts on campus and put that money towards more efficient uses around campus. Perhaps water bottles for everyone—like personalized water bottles for everyone that has their preferred names on it.” 

Paige Hardell – Vice President of Communications

“I hope to be a voice for all my peers and to bring what they have to say to the administration.”

Piper Garick – Vice President of Communications

“I just hope to improve the communication between SGA and the rest of the student body. Since I’ve been on SGA for a couple of years now, I feel like I have the experience to be a qualified executive leader.”

Katte Vargas – Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion

“I’m just excited to be able to be more involved and also listen to the needs of the students. I know that this is a position that can demand a lot and a lot of people have ideas so I’m excited to listen to them and hopefully work with them and hopefully make a change on this campus and with our diversity.” 

Onose Ijewere  – Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion 

“[I want] to help unite the campus regardless of anyone’s origin and to make it feel like home.”

Marisa Pagan – Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion

“If I win, I would like to work with my team to help bring more diversity around the campus. I think myself and the community can broaden the uniqueness we have.”

Nelson Hill – Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion

“I hope to gain a better understanding of the organizations on campus and do my part to leave it a better place. I am running to provide not only a voice to groups who feel that their opinions lie on deaf ears, but to put actions to words and bring about initiatives and policy to combat the social apathy here on campus.”

Jollice Boyd – Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion

“Basically what I kind of want to do for the position is just work with the student body. Even on the outside it may not seem like our student body is that diverse, but all of us come from so many different places and backgrounds and I think it would be really cool for us to engage with each other on that level, to get to know where we come from and the diversity there.”