SGA President addresses Mocs


Dear Mocs,

Honored doesn’t even begin to describe how humbled I am to serve as your Student Body President for the 2018-19 Academic Year. I do not take this position lightly and it is with great honor that I will represent the student body. I hope that as all of you have moved back to Florida Southern, whether it’s your first year on campus or your fourth year, you have come to see this wonderful campus as home. And being that it is home, we all do care so deeply for this special place and want it to be the best that it can be.

Student Government Association strives to do just that. We work to serve the students by voicing concerns and comments up to administration. With the same respect, we also voice information and questions down from administration to the student level. This partnership of bridging the student body with administration is no easy task, and your representation in Student Government make all the difference in our success. With that being said, I encourage each of you to take an active role in your campus and vote in our upcoming election from September 7th-10th to elect our Senate. These 36 Senators represent all different areas from campus life from commuters to business students to athletes. You have say in who represents you in SGA, so I highly encourage you to vote in this year’s election via Engage!

As your president, know that I am always available to you and would love to hear any input you have. My office hours are on Wednesday’s from 3-5pm and Friday’s from 8-10am, so come chat with me on the 2nd floor of Rogers in the SGA Office!

In closing, I know that it is easy for each of us to get lost in the frustrating aspects of college life, like finding parking or living on little sleep. I hope you all will see what a truly amazing place Florida Southern is. We stand out in the areas of academic excellence, student involvement, and athletics, and it is through these four years that lifelong friendships and memories are made on such a close-knit campus. Although to many, this place may be seen as “Florida Southern College,” to us we see it as home and for that it will always be special.



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