Peter Edgar

The next Southern Takeover will take place within the fall semester next school year, Assistant Director of Student Involvement Jackie Inskeep announced at a general body meeting of the Association of Campus Entertainment (ACE) on March 13.

This year’s Southern Takeover featuring bands Judah and the Lion, Sawyer, and Juice will still be taking place on Mr. George’s Green two weeks from now, on March 30. For the upcoming school year, however, ACE will be planning to have the event much closer to when first-year students arrive at the college: in the Sept. to Oct. range.

“We’re going to have to start planning very soon,” Julianna Coughlin, Director of Southern Sound for ACE, said. “We have to begin conversations with agents and vendors before summer.”

Coughlin said that she will begin planning the next Southern Takeover with Inskeep even though she is graduating this semester and ACE is holding executive board elections early April. Presumably, Coughlin would transition her authority to the next director of Southern Sound and graduate smoothly.

“They might not get a huge say in artists, but there’s still a lot to plan,” Coughlin said. “Students will definitely still have input, though.”

Both Coughlin and Inskeep explained to students some of the reasoning for the shift in master planning. Because of deferred recruitment (the moving of Greek life recruitment from the fall to the spring), there is a large involvement gap that ACE feels it needs to fill in order to make students feel at home. The directors hope that Southern Takeover can help fill that void and create a large community space that engages students.

ACE has traditionally spent the majority of its budget on the last two months of the school term on Southern Takeover and the end-of-year Farewell Festival. Inskeep noted that moving Southern Takeover to the fall will balance the budget to some extent.

In the past, students have been asked to vote on Engage for a choice of genre for Southern Takeover; no such form has been released yet, but Coughlin and Inskeep are still working on the next steps forward to a much closer Southern Takeover.


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