Rebecca Bray

Last week, Florida Southern Greek organizations participated in the campus wide event known as Greek Week. 

In this event, each sorority is randomly paired up with a fraternity to participate in a variety of competitions in hopes of dominating the other teams and taking home a trophy by the end of the week. The event officials awarded points to participating organizations by taking their attendance at the start of each event, as well as awarding points to each team’s ‘planet’ based on where they placed for each event. Points were then added to their total for the week. 

This year, Greek Week was themed around outer space and spanned over three days. The title for winning Greek Week went to Theta Chi and Kappa Delta on team ‘Venus’ coming in with 173 points for the week. 

Hannah Lewis, the VP of Administration from the Panhellenic Council, stressed the importance of Greek Week. 

“This event is an easy way to build inter-fraternal communication and relationships in a fun and creative way,” Lewis said. “Greek unity is important and allows for stronger connections in the long run.” 

Greek week aims to bring together groups of people from different backgrounds in hopes of creating unity amongst all Greek organizations. The first event was held on Monday and kicked off the week with the lip sync battle. 

Each team sought to do their rendition of a space-themed song and dance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta pulled out the win for this event with an educational song about the planets and a tribute to Elton John with Rocket Man. 

On Tuesday the Greeks battled head to head in a trivia night; Delta Delta Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha won with a 20-point lead. 

Theta Chi member Alex Bruner said the questions and categories were well-thought out and that the point system accommodated for a larger group. He said there were some issues though.

“It was very hard to hear due to the volume of people cramped in Ordway,” Bruner said. “It was not set up fairly due to the fact that there was no limit on how many people could be on a team at a time.” 

The last event of the week was glow-in-the-dark dodgeball where Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Chi and won the event. It was dark in the Jenkins Field House and the balls were difficult to see. In an attempt to alleviate this, event officials placed neon tape on some of the dodgeballs and later turned on the lights.

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