By Derrick Jean-Baptiste

In the Harry Potter universe the act of transformation is called Transfiguration. In this magical world transfiguration is a branch of magic that focues on the alteration of the form or appearance of an object.

Thanks to the efforts of ACE and the Center for Student Invovlement on  Tuesday, Mar. 21, Honeyman Pavilion was transfomred into famous Harry Potter locations such as Platform nine and three quarters, Hogwarts’ great hall and Olivander’s Wand Shop.

As the event went on students travelled through the hallowed “brick” walls of Platform nine and three quarters before reaching the great hall and were sort into one out of the four great houses at Hogwarts.

The event gave away a plethora of diffrent prizes and gifts. These gifts included but were not limited to, students were able to create there very own stuffed owls.

One of the biggest highlight of the event was O.W.L test.

If students were feeling exceptionally lucky they could take this Harry Potter trivia game and win two tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of adventures.

After taking part in the test, FSC students took the time to find out which wands would suit them by shopping at    Olivander’s Wand Shop.

The Wecome to the Wizarding world was only the first part of a number of diffrent ‘Harry Potter’ themed events. Including a  movie night a Quidditch World Cup, and ending off with a Tri-Wizard Tournament.

This event will be open to all students, but only those who have signed up for a homecoming team can participate in the actual events.

Just like in the movies, teams will be tested through three challenging events to see who comes out as the Tri-Wizard winner. In the first event, teams will work together to protect their “dragon” through a rendition of dodge ball. Next, teams will have to work together to save one of their own teammates, and return said teammate to the safe location before times runs out.

Finally, the last event will test endurance and intelligence of the teams through a relay in a maze.

All rules will be explained to the teams prior to the event. It will take place on Mr. George’s Green from 3pm-5pm on Mar 24.


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