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Sophomore soccer player Jenny Staten is tied for the school’s record for 6 shutouts by a freshman goalkeeper. 

Staten has been playing soccer since she was three-years-old after her older brother introduced her to the sport. 

“My brother is five years older than me and introduced me to the sport when I was really young,” Staten said. “ He inspired me to start playing. I always looked up to my brother and wanted to be just like him.” 

She has always loved the sport and dreamt of playing soccer at a higher level like colleague competition. Growing up, Staten has always looked back at her childhood to see how much she has grown over the years. 

“I have been coming to Florida ever since I was a kid,” Staten said. “…When the coaches reached out to me it sounded like a place I could see myself for 4 years. The academics and athletics were a perfect fit for me.” 

When Staten came to FSC in fall 2019, she knew she would have to fight for a spot as a starting goalkeeper. 

“I went into every practice and scrimmage with a mindset that I [needed] to challenge myself to be the best player I could be,” Staten said. 

 As a freshman last school year, Staten had a hard time transitioning during the first couple weeks of being at FSC. After the season started and classes got in the swing of things, she found her place on the soccer team and on campus. 

“I talked to my parents often and they came to my games often as well so it wasn’t too difficult being away from them,” Staten said. 

During her freshman season, she played every minute in goal for the Mocs with a .742 save percentage with 46 saves and finished her first season with a 1.02 goal-against average mark. Staten made her mark in the Mocs’ record book during her freshman season by tying a previous player’s record for six shutouts by a freshman.

“I’m honored to have my name tied with that record,” Staten said. “I have to give credit to my defense for this record as well because I couldn’t have done it without them. I want to continue to strive for more records and shutouts as a goalkeeper.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Staten as well as her team’s spring season in 2020 was cancelled as well as their fall season. The team is hopeful their spring season this semester will allow them to get back in the swing of things to prepare for the Fall 2021 season. 

The NCAA has given athletes the eligibility to play an extra year due to the pandemic. 

“I do plan on taking the opportunity to play an extra year,” Staten said. “At the moment I plan on getting my masters and want to keep playing along as I can. So as a result I hope to get my masters and play my extra year at the same time.” 



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