Photo by Jillian Kurtz - Members of the college administration along with SGA President and Steak ’n Shake workers cut the ribbon for the grand opening of Steak ’n Shake on Nov. 5.

Taylor Willson 

The opening of Steak ‘n Shake at FSC happened on Nov. 5, preceded by a soft open the week before.

The new dining option fits right into student meal plans and is located near Wynee’s Bistro, replacing the 24-hour room and cycling room. The balcony of Wynee’s was said to be available as an outdoor seating option. Currently, the spot is only screened in, lacking any seats or tables.

Photo by Elisa White – The opening of Steak ‘n Shake at FSC happened on Nov. 5, preceded by a soft open the week prior.

The opening was a big Steak ‘n Shake themed celebration, that had a ribbon cutting ceremony, a DJ and giveaway opportunities were included. 

There were samples of milkshakes and the famous paper Steak ‘n Shake hats that students had requested. 

Ronnie Rodriguez, a student worker who is employed at Steak ‘n Shake touched on the opening of the FSC addition.

“This is something FSC students have wanted since the announcement,” Rodriguez said. “ Heck, this is something I wanted since I found out during Tech Week for last semester’s Opera.”

A copy of the menu was shared with students. It will include staples of the chain’s regular menu, like steak-burgers, chicken tenders, shoestring fries and milkshakes. 

“I was expecting it to be very busy the moment it opened, and it has been,” Rodriguez said. “The hard work does pay off because I get to see smiling faces throughout my shift.”

Prior to this opening, there were numerous rumors and dates going around campus, regarding when Steak ‘n Shake would open.

Photo by Taylor Wilson -Steak ’n Shake fan girl, Mel Freeman with Mocsie at the Shakedown on Nov. 5.

On Mar. 13, 2019, a Town Hall was held on campus that discussed the opening of the new option. Here, Tim Raible, Director of Food Services commented on the contract with Steak ‘n Shake.

“We have the official signed contract from Steak ‘n Shake and the first preliminary design,” Raible said. “The hope will be that we can get all the work done during the summer so it will be open for the start of school.”

It can be seen that the opening was not on schedule, rather having a three and a half month delay.

Students have also commented on the hold up of the opening. 

“Last semester I heard it was going to be open in the fall,” sophomore Jasmyn Coleman said. “Then it was two weeks, two weeks into the school year. The last I heard was Steak ‘n Shake would open right after fall break. Fall break came and it was still not open. I was happy for the news of a Grand Opening this week.”

It seemed as though among students, they were most content with the return of a fried food option on campus. Since the Terrace Cafѐ’s switch from selling fried food to a healthier option, there has been something missing. 

“I’m so grateful for being able to have chicken tenders again,” sophomore Mel Freeman said. “I am very excited about the chicken tenders and for this new partnership for Florida Southern. I hope this helps the growth of the school in coming semesters.”

Tim Raible talked on the availability to students of another on-campus dining option, where the meal plan dollars are able to be used. 

“Basically another option is always good from the student perspective,” Raible said. “That’s what all the students were really asking for.” 

Prior to the Nov. 5 Grand Opening, the dining option had a soft open the week prior. This was an opportunity to test out the new spot, as well as allowing for training time for new employees. Doing a standard dbs check is always important.

“The impact of Steak ‘n Shake will impact where dollars are spent,” Raible said. “Sales may go down at other meal options around campus.”


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