Student Government Election Results


Student Government has reported that over 500 students voted in the senatorial election which took place from Friday, September 7 to Monday, September 10.

This marks at least a 20 percent increase in voter turnout from last years senatorial election which say only 411 students vote during the election.

“I’m ecstatic about the voter turnout we had during the election, even with the switch to Engage, which speaks to the involvement students want to have in their campus,’ SGA President Natalie Barton said.

The 36 students elected this past weekend will join an eight person executive board. Barton thinks that this “election of incredible students from all aspects of campus showcases that this will be a great year for SGA.”


Below is a complete list of all elected senators for the 2018-2019 academic term.

First-Year Senators (4)

Ahad Aziz

John Jack Lewis

Lauryn Simmons

Sophia Gonzalez

Second-Year Senators (2)

Julie Hardaker

Emma Tallon

Second-Year Greek Senators (2)

Nolan Smith

Paige Hardel

Third-Year Senators (2)

Mark Haver

Malique Bowen

Third-Year Greek Senators (2)

Piper Garick

Leslie K Englehart

Fourth-Year Senators (2)

Sam Bowling

James McKenna

Fourth-Year Greek Senators (2)

Makenna Martin

Mark Iannuzzi

Honors Program Senators (2)

Lilly Furey

Emma Bairo

Athlete Senators (2)

Kassidy Watkins

Garrett Bennett

Commuter Senators (2)

Jesse James Outlaw

Devon Mederos

College Owned Housing Senators (2)

Morgan Walsh

Kathyn Lemcke

Nursing Senators (3)

Kelly Farrell

Julia Waidler

Kacey Engler

Arts and Sciences Senators (6)

Abbi Bryson

Reems Landreth

Mackenzie Blevins

Marcos Martins

Jacklyn Washington

Elizabeth Soto

Business Senators (3)

Hannah Whisman

Emma Gallagher

Nolan Arenz

Education Senators (2)

Bethany Blevins

Mackenzie Filling


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