The Florida Southern College Student Life and Cultural Center has a new home on Callahan Court thanks to the support of Evett L. Simmons.

Evett L. Simmons is a class of ‘79 alumna and member of the FSC Board of Trustees.

At a celebration of the spring FSC Homecoming, she gave a donation in support of the Center in order for it to expand its facilities for student use and involvement.

Josh Winfield, nephew of Simmons and vice-president of the multicultural student council, is excited to get more use out of the building.

“I look forward to us doing more events on a larger scale and touching the lives of more people as an organization,” Winfield said. “I speak for everyone inside the organization when I say that we are more like the multi-cultural student council of old where we are organized, and in a position to do big things and be well-known on campus.”

According to Brenda Lewis, director of the Life and Cultural Center, “[Simmons] wanted to really stress the importance of diversity and have a place for all students, to come in and hang out. It’s not just for MSC, the Multicultural Student Council, but for all organizations on campus, for everyone to use.”

With the support form Simmons, the Student Life and Cultural Center moved to its current location, which formerly housed the Transfer Admissions offices until they moved next door.

Now dubbed, the Evett L. Simmons ‘79 Center for Multicultural Appreciation, the building will house offices, as well as the Multicultural Student Council, the Student Organization of Latinos and help with international students’ needs.

The center is not exclusively for multicultural students, however: all students are encouraged to use the new building.

“We have lots of space and lots of usage,” Lewis said. “A lot of students have used this for different events, for meetings, for cooking, which has been the number one thing. A few weeks ago when SOL was selling their pastries, they used the kitchen to prepare those. It’s used almost every night, they can do food throughout the weekends. Students come and use this as a place to study or to come watch TV or do a movie.”

Because of the new space, more events will be planned in the Center.

“We have plans of events that will be happening year round. So we will impact the student life on campus, in the community through our work with local organizations such as Girls Inc., as well as possibly Greek life within the next couple years,” Winfield said.

No dates are set in stone as of now, but the MSC will be planning several events to encourage students to visit the new center and get involved with the organization.

“A big part of our organization is to be a place of support academically and socially for students of color, and we are planning a program where we can do that on a larger scale,” Winfield said.

Though the Center is home to MSC and SOL, Lewis encourages all students to visit anytime.

“It’s just for all, for anybody who wants a place to call home, because I hope it’s a homely atmosphere and students appreciate that from time to time,” Lewis said.



(Photo by Bethany Schram.)


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