Deanna Wright

Florida Southern College sophomore Bella Lamb decides to switch from theatre department to the religion department after being at the school for one academic year. 

Lamb is an Orlando local who decided to come to FSC after graduating from high school in spring of 2019. 

“I chose Florida Southern because of the community feeling,” Lamb said. “I graduated from a really small private high school and I knew [I] wasn’t going to thrive at a big school and so I wanted something that felt more like family and I found that here.”

Lamb’s dad and two brothers had a big influence on her life as musicians but it wasn’t until she started musical theatre around sixth grade that she fell in love with singing. 

“When I [visited] FSC as a prospective student, I met students and faculty in the theatre department and watched a beautiful production, and I wanted to be a part of their storytelling,” Lamb said. 

After her freshman year as a Musical Theatre major, Lamb decided to switch to the religion department and instead pursue minors in English and Theatre. 

“I changed my major because I really enjoyed my time in the Theatre department but I knew what I really wanted to do was to go into ministry,” Lamb said.

The transition for Lamb was much smoother than she expected it to be, especially with the help of her advisors from both the theatre and religion departments. 

“My academic advisor in the theater department was amazing and he helped me find all the right people to talk to,” Lamb said. “Then I [met] with my new advisor and he was a big help with connecting me [to] people in the department to make friends with and talk with…”

Additionally, Lamb took on the Worship Director position on the executive board of Beyond Campus Ministry after going to their services her freshman year. 

Lamb has been a worship leader for seven years now outside of campus and knew she wanted that community and family she could devote her energy to on campus.

Though it was not originally part of her plan,  Lamb also recently joined campus Greek life and became a sister in the Alpha Chi Omega chapter.

“When the opportunity presented itself to me,” Lamb said, “I just was like … why wouldn’t I want to be invested in a community of women that [supports] me like they support each other and it’s been really fun so far.”


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