Abby McHenry

I want to start a Running Club. Before writing this article, I had actually thought about founding this club.

I have been running since my elementary school days. I joined the track team in fifth grade and cross country in my freshman year of high school.

I still run for fun a few times a week. It has always been a stress reliever for me as well as my favorite form of cardio.

Running has always been a passion of mine, so why not share that with other people and form a group dedicated to running?

There are definitely a few important steps that must be taken first before making my club official.

In order to start my club, I would need at least ten people to say they will be a part of it.

I need to hold at least four meetings per semester, which will not be hard since I want the group to meet up once a week.

I would then need to get the Student Government Association approval.

The gym would be the first place I would look for recruiting members. People running on the treadmill is a good start and maybe even people using the elliptical.

I run the lake a few times a week, so if I run into someone else running or walking the lake, I could see if they are interested in having a group to run with.

I would get everyone’s names and contact information and start a GroupMe.

I will send a poll to the members to see what day works best for everyone.

We would also need to decide if the run should be in the morning or evening. It would be held at either six o’clock in the morning or evening (right before sunrise or a little bit before sundown).

My club would be for anyone who loves to run, whether it is for fun, to get in shape, or both.

My first meeting would be a lap around the lake at “your own pace” just to see where everyone is pace wise. From there, I could make different workouts for speed and stamina.

I will make sure there is Gatorade or water at each mile marker so that people can stay hydrated and know when they have completed another mile.

Running is a great stress reliever, but it can also be stressful at times, which is why I would make sure to send an inspirational video before our meeting.

My cross country and track coach in high school would send an inspirational video each week. It would show a famous runner or other athlete overcoming an obstacle.

I would like for the club to run local races together occasionally. If they want to race, I can help them reach a specific time goal by pacing them.

In order to promote my club to people outside the gym, I will make posters and put them around campus.

I would also write a post on the Class of 2022 Facebook page.

My hope would be that this club promotes a healthy lifestyle and can help relieve some stress from school and work like it does for me.

If you are going to start a club, why not do something you are passionate about?


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