Raven Leverett
Assistant Features Editor

It was a chilly night for students and guests to cuddle under the stars at the Pipkin Bandshell as the Florida Southern College band and jazz band performed.

Music Under the Stars was a special evening on Oct. 24.

“Tonight is special because we have student conductors,” Associate Professor of Music Dr. Jo Jossim said.

The night started out with the a fast piece of music called “Ignition,” which was one of the two songs that Jossim conducted.

The performance was an accomplishment for students, because it was their first time conducting in front of an audience.

“Getting up there in front of everyone – it is absolutely terrifying,” senior and trumpet player Amanda Anderegg said.

There is an extensive process before a student is allowed to conduct a concert. They must have taken a conducting class prior and be a senior. Usually students have an internship during the time that they have the opportunity to conduct at “Music Under the Stars” or within that same year.

There were four student conductors throughout the night. The students do not get to pick the piece they would like to conduct. The pieces of literature are picked by Jossim.

The most peaceful song of the night was “Lark in the Clear Air,”  which was conducted by Anderegg.

“[Music Under the Stars] is an opportunity to get in front of an ensemble that is just not your conducting class, because not everyone has an opportunity to do ensemble and actually work with a band. Not everyone has an opportunity to go out to schools and work with groups,” Anderegg said.

Another student conductor was senior Daniel Rigano. Rigano conducted  “Hands Across the Sea” by John Phillip Sousa and arranged by Andrew Balent.

His first time conducting in front of a live audience was a similar experience to Anderegg.

“I was nervous at first, but as time progressed, I was in my element,” Rigano said.

After the first half of the performance the Jazz Band came out to spice up the atmosphere with a lively performance.

The Jazz Band was led by Paul Butcher, adjunct music faculty. During the Jazz Band performance, Butcher joined in and played a piano accordion.

Music Under the Stars is among one of the many musical events to watch for during the year. Students and Faculty can now look forward to Bandtastic II: Band Day Encore on Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in Branscomb Auditorium.