Students face changes at FSC


By Peter Edgar

The FSC campus has developed much over the summer; whether you are a student new to Florida Southern or are returning for a third year, you should note these changes early in the semester:

The new admissions building is set to be completed, if the weather permits, this fall. When completed, the new edifice, designed similarly to the Becker Business Building and Christoverson Humanities Building, will serve to welcome prospective Moccasins and their families. as well as provide a new space for the FSC marketing department.

The building’s name is yet to be announced by either the donors to the college or the administration. The current admissions building will reportedly be deconstructed to make way for further development on Callahan Court.

The new Barnett Field is also due to be finished by the end of the year, along with the new Veterans’ Plaza, which will commemorate Florida Southern students and alumni who perished while serving in our country’s military forces.

This will be one of the first efforts by the school since the last veterans’ memorial, a row of 12 magnolia trees planted after the Second World War.

Florida Southern recently renegotiated contracts with several companies and attractions. New vending machines on campus reflect a change in the contract with Coca-Cola, as drink machines around campus now serve Powerade rather than Gatorade.

A more serious contract change is reflected in the prices of Discover Florida trips. The costs of school-sponsored activities to Disney World parks and Universal Studios have risen.

The cost of Halloween Horror Nights this year is $25, which is $15 higher than last year’s $10.

However, some events are still free, such as the trips to the Salvador Dali Museum and to an Orlando City soccer game, among others. For more information about Discover Florida trips, visit the Center for Student Involvement.

The Passport Program has undergone several changes compared to last year. Students are required to attend fewer events, but categories have somewhat shifted. The former “Service” and “Faith and Diversity” categories have been combined to form “Service and Diversity,” while a new category, “Health and Wellness,” has been added to the program. More information is available on MocSync.


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