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The College Democrats, The College Republicans and the Model  United Nations co-hosted a viewing of President Barack Obama’s second term presidential inauguration.

The main reason they decided to co-host the event was to get more college students involved in the political system, according to Matthew Geras, chairman of the Florida Southern College Republicans.

Alex Oomen, president of the FSC Democrats, has also worked with the College Democrats on other events.

“There is a culture established at the political science department that has taught how to work all together,” Oomen said.

Students believe that Obama will be more prepared for these upcoming four years compared to his previous term.

“It’s nice to see the easy movement of democracy every four years,” Jasmyn McCalla, junior said. “I think Obama is going to be more prepared and aware of what will happen in this four years.”

According to Ginno Huarocc, a student from FSC, the inauguration was symbolic because Obama used two Bibles during the ceremony: Abraham Lincoln’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bibles.

This will represent the evolution that humanity has done in the terms of accepting each other as equal.

Previously, a person of color could never get to positions such as the presidency, but now they can.

“I hope that does unite people [Republicans and Democrats] and puts aside the differences,” Huarocc said. “Since Congress is mostly Republican, we need to come together and work together to solve the problems that we have right now.”

Students from different majors attended the event. It was not required to be a political science major.

For example, Jamahl Gow, a biology major at FSC, enjoys reading the news and knowing what is happening in the world.

“I think the inauguration is important even though we didn’t have a lot of people here. Our goal is not necessary to be popular, but to try to get people involved in this political process, and maybe at some point, students will show and be completely involved enough,” Gow said.

Gow believes that even if you are finished with college, whatever happens in the country will affect all students, especially when students have financial aid. He suggests that others should stay informed of political issues.

In regards to the shooting events in Connecticut, Gow hopes that Obama will continue to do what he has being doing the past four years, even if the opposition does not agree with him.

He would like to hear a step-by-step process of any change that the administration, Congress or Senate could do to make the United States a better country.

“I am just hoping that in these four years, we can come together to find middle ground, to find a solution,” Gow said.


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