On Sept. 17, our nation celebrated a holiday that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves—Constitution Day.

In order to raise awareness among the student body, the Political Science Department organized an event and invited several key figures in the local political landscape to attend.

Tony Earl, freshman and political science major hoped that the event brought more awareness to campus.

“The thought of a day to the Constitution never crossed my mind. Its incredible, since it could be considered the foundation of modern democracy,” Earl said.

The celebration served to highlight the importance of not only our founding document, but also the next generation of voters currently attending Florida Southern College.[pullquote]“It was no easy task from the get-go,” [/pullquote]

FSC President Anne Kerr opened the event with a few words.

The speakers invited to the event were Polk County Supervisor Lori Edwards, Congressional candidate for the Fifteenth District of Florida Alan Cohn, City Commissioner Justin Troller, and Florida Senator Kelli Stargel. Each made a short speech emphasizing the importance of student involvement in politics and interacted with the guests afterwards.

FSC student CJ Higdon greeted attendees while dressed as the famous American historical figure Paul Revere. In addition, students were encouraged to become registered voters via a simple process of filling out a single-page form made available to them on the premises.

With almost no assistance from faculty or staff, the students utilized campus resources to successfully host this event.

Earl was in charge of coordinating the event.

“I gave people jobs, scheduled meetings, and followed up with speakers at the event,” Earl said. “With a lot of help from a second coordinator, Lyric Cooper, I think we had a great time, and hosted a fantastic event.”

“It was no easy task from the get-go,” Anthony Earl, one of the function’s main coordinators said. “There were a lot of external meetings and tons of planning went into this event. Everyone did so well and I’m proud of the class’s participation.”


Students were responsible for making Constitution Day a success.

“We put a lot of work into this. We put a lot of hours, a lot of meetings, a lot of frantic text messages,” Tyler Hillier, another student who assisted with the event said. said,“…but in the end it all worked out.”