Bethany Schram

Assistant News Editor

Streaks of blue light poured out of the Ordway lobby as music and chantings of “show me the money” echoed through the psychology wing.

The Association of Campus Entertainment hosts Casino Night, Nov. 8, at Florida Southern every fall, boasting real Vegas-style casino gambling which is also available in 911 Win Casino site. The most popular games available for play included, Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack and 21. All professional hired dealers facilitated the games. There are online options like where one can get the gambling experience as well. Online gambling with games like Bataviaslot is quite popular.

Fake $100 bills were passed out in large quantities to individual winners of various games.

Students could earn more money from the secret “millionaire” by doing silly activities he asked. At the millionaire’s request, everyone jumped into a massive conga line in order to win $100 each.

Money won from the games could be exchanged for raffle tickets for different prizes. Some of the big-ticket items were Southwest Airline tickets, an iPad mini and a Shell gas card. Several dinner and a movie gift cards were also raffled off.

Beginning at 9 p.m. students played the night away until midnight when the drawings began.

According to dinner and a movie gift card winner, Nicole Gallinaro, “It was a long wait, but we had a lot of fun passing the time away, it was worth waiting around for.”

The theme this year was a “Tron”-inspired, “futuristic casino lounge.”

According to Nickolas Tsikuris, student director of the event, “This year we used LED tablets for some of the casino games.  We also added a DJ whose booth was LED and could actually project videos onto the face of the booth.”

Several students took advantage of the projector, using it to dance along with songs on the screen.

The party atmosphere was evident by the electric blue energy in the room.

Caitlin Owen, president of ACE, said, “I like that were able to change it up so much. With a theme like casino night, there are only so many things you can do with it and we thought, ‘we can make it LED.’”

“Honestly, my favorite was the lighting, I loved the atmosphere, that everyone could come in and have a good time gambling. It’s a nice break from everything else,” Owen said.