Danielle Burch
Entertainment Editor

This summer was full of blockbuster hits and misses. It seemed that almost every week there was a new flick that was the must-see of the summer, but only a handful of those cash cows were worth the $12 ticket.
It was almost impossible to catch all of them with the rising prices of movie tickets, but I was able to catch a handful that were worth more than what I paid for, and others whom I wish I would have just stayed home and watched a bootleg copy of.

Spring Breakers
“It’s spring break ya’ll.” Actually it’s summer break ya’ll, but ‘Spring Breakers’ can apply to any warm weather season , which is pretty much Florida all year long. It was the perfect setting for this mind-bending film that had me asking, “What on God’s green earth did I just watch and can I watch it again right now?” This film is not the nice upbeat fun spring break tale of four young college students who want to break free of their mundane lives that the trailer portrays. ‘Spring Breakers’ is a very dark and very twisted story that will have you guessing after the credits have rolled and the lights and the theater have been turned back up.
This film was particularly difficult to find in theaters, probably due to its content, so without giving too much away the movie is about how easily things can go south and how people can get mixed up in the wrong crowd too easily. The film stars Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and James Franco, and is now in stores if you were not lucky enough to catch it on the big screen. My recommendation is to watch this movie alone and watch it more than once. It is definitely one that will have you thinking outside of the box.

This Is The End
Continuing with bizarre James Franco films, ‘This Is The End’ was a laugh outloud riot with an odd moral story behind all of the phallic jokes. Believe it or not there is a real wholesome lesson to be learned from this film: be kind to those around you and you will go to heaven, act like a pompous celebrity and you will be stuck in hell on earth.
The film was actor Seth Rogen’s directorial debut and it sure was a great one at that. There was hardly any time to catch your breath between crude jokes. I had to see this movie twice to catch all of the references, cameos and jokes.
‘This Is The End’ is about a party that is takes place at James Franco’s house. While the party goers are living it up carefree the rapture begins and, well, all hell breaks loose. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, John Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, to name a few, star in the movie as hyper- caricatures of themselves all trying to survive the impending doom that lingers outside. This is definitely a comedy not to miss. I would go as far as saying this could be the best comedy to come out so far this year.

Now You See Me
Keeping it in the family, James’ little brother Dave Franco also had a film released that was entirely too underrated. Maybe it was due to lack of advertising or appeal to audiences, but ‘Now You See Me’ is on my list of movies that were hits this summer.
This illusion movie will have your eyes fooled up until the very end with one of the best plot twist I’ve seen in a while. One of the first lines in the movie is “The closer you look the less you see.” I would have to completely agree with that. The more you overthink it the more you will miss hints that lead to the end result. If you would like to catch this magical film it will be playing at this year’s Flick and Float, Aug. 29.

Lone Ranger & Hangover III
On the other hand two of the most advertised and hyped films to come out this summer ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘The Hangover Part 3,’ were both disappointments in my book. The Lone Ranger’ seemed to drag on endlessly. Even with sparkling moments of a great Disney film, it was hard to sit through. ‘The Hangover Part 3’ left me dry-eyed, unlike its predecessors, who had me doubled over catching my breath. I felt like there was something missing and I still can’t out my figure on what it was.

Even with Disney’s disappointment I still managed to go see their hit of the summer, and one of the most anticipated films, ‘Monsters University.’ Step aside small children this movie was really made for all of the kids that grew up watching the original Pixiar films. I absolutely adored this movie. It was cute, funny, heartwarming and answered questions about the first film, ‘Monsters Inc.’ The film is a prequel to ‘Monsters Inc.’ and is set when the dynamic duo of Sully and Mike Wazowski were learning how to become scarers at Monsters University. It’s fun to see Disney’s take on the normal college life and turn it into a PG monster’s version. This kiddy film is worth your time.

The Great Gatsby
Last but not least was my favorite summer blockbuster, ‘The Great Gatsby’. Having been a fan of the novel for years I was hesitant and excited about seeing the roaring twenties remake film. This movie is absolutely breathtaking and visually pleasing, all thanks to director Baz Luhrmann, ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and Moulin Rouge,’ whose style is colorful, spunky, and eye catching. He was able to incorporate today’s style in music and some fashion into this timeless classic love story.
And yes even though I knew how this film would end I got caught up and wanted more. Not only is this film worth seeing, but it is worth seeing again and again. Luhrmann and the screenplay writers did a fantastic job sticking close to the book and capturing not only Gatsby and Daisy’s love, but also the bustling life of New York City in the 1920’s.