Shannah Bober

Contributing Writer

As a girl I love chick flicks. The Notebook still makes me tear up. Really though, who doesn’t want a love like Noah and Allie? A summer romance that rocks your world sounds absolutely amazing. But nothing is like the movies.

If only life were as easy as the movies where everyone has a happy ending and things work out perfectly. But summer romances just do not work out like they do in the movies. Real life happens instead. At least that was my experience.

Who knew that there were rules to a summer relationship? It’s the summer and nobody is looking to commit to anything serious or long term. We just want to have fun while we’re young! But you have approach the romance like a relationship if you plan the fling to actually last. You actually have to communicate.

Living on a beach makes it easy to meet new people all the time, especially when in customer service. Meeting new people can be fun and adventurous and since it’s the summer most people ask why not? My first encounter with summer flings was exactly like that. We enjoyed each other’s company and had a blast for a couple of weeks but since we didn’t really talk about what we were and what rules we would go by, things just drifted away. That was when I realized you had to have rules and approach summer flings like a relationship.

Sometimes there’s even more complications. Just doing it on a whim can cause a lot of confusion. Things can be great for a week or two and then as you get to know the other person it becomes less and less appealing and you get into an awkward position. Not so bad… unless you work with this person and he or she is a higher rank than you. Things get really awkward really fast unless you communicate. After talking it out and being mature adults, I gained a good friend in the end.

Even if you do successfully get a summer fling started, knowing there is an end coming ruins the last few weeks. Two really good friends of mine met this summer and had that problem. She is a foreign student working in America for the summer and he leaves for college two months before she leaves the country. While the time they shared is described by both of them as “amazing” and “the best,” the last couple of the weeks they were miserable knowing they would never see each other again. They started fighting over everything and just bringing each other and their friends down. Knowing that there is no hope for a future can run anyone down.

I am a firm believer summer flings don’t work; that stories like Noah and Allie’s don’t exist in the real world. Even if a relationship does make it to the end of the summer, both members are getting hurt after it all. So what’s the point? Summer flings just aren’t for me and I think that just doing things on a whim could be fun but I am too emotional to just a fling.





In a summer romance you have to figure out what exactly is going on between you and your significant other. Was it just a couple of nights of fun or is this like an actual relationship? Are we exclusive or is it an “anything goes” type of commitment? Just trying to wing it is not an option.