John MageeStaff Writer

This August will mark the movie debut of the Suicide Squad.

After the mixed reception that Batman v. Superman received DC needs a great movie to get their improve cinematic universe and it looks like Suicide Squad has everything they’ll need. It seems that unanimous opinion of Ben Affleck from Batman v. Superman has been positive and his inclusion in Suicide Squad is a good sign.

The most recent trailer also has me excited for this movie since it looks like DC is committing to the comedy, something that was noticeably missing in previous movies. However, the main draw about Suicide Squad this summer is the villains.

For as great as the Marvel movies have been there is one area where they completely dropped the ball: their villains. Of Marvel movies so far only 2 villain characters, Loki and Winter Soldier, have survived their movie.

While killing a villain can be good conclusion, one of the great things about superheroes is their villains and the history the two have. Suicide Squad is going to be able to give us a movie that explores that relationship.

Then, of course, for the Joker, it looks like third time’s the charm. While Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger gave good performances, they never really captured what fans of the character were looking for either going too campy or too serious and it looks like Jared Leto is going to be able to capture both aspects.

With all of this in mind, it appears that Suicide Squad will not only get DC’s cinematic universe back in shape but will be the best movie of the summer.