Well, everybody, the Super Bowl is coming up, and the matchup is set: Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks.

It is the ultimate matchup between the best offense versus the best defense.

Denver’s road to the Super Bowl included close wins over the San Diego Chargers 24-17.

The New England Patriots were 26-16 behind superstar quarterback Peyton Manning’s miraculous play.

Seattle had an equally nerve-racking road to New Jersey earning wins over Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints 23-15 at home, and Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers 23-17 this past weekend.


Players to watch for the Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning, the superstar quarterback for Denver, will most likely win the AFC Offensive Player of the Year after posting record setting numbers this season.

He broke Drew Brees’ passing yardage record, and threw for 55 touchdowns, which is another NFL Record.

Demariyus Thomas, standing at 6 foot 3, and weighing 229 pounds, is one of the most imposing wide receivers in the game this past year.

His mix of size and speed – he runs a 4.38 40-yard dash at the NFL combine – will present problems for the secondary of Seattle.

Wes Welker, the diminutive wide receiver for the Broncos, is one of the most well known players for the Broncos, after his phenomenal seasons with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

He will line up in the slot most of the time, and will be a huge part of the Broncos passing attack.


Players to watch for the Seattle Sea Hawks

Russell Wilson, the former Colorado Rockies baseball player, has carried the Seahawks to the Super Bowl on his ability to not only throw the ball, but run the ball as well.

He has thrown for 3,118 yards and 26 touchdowns, while only throwing 10 interceptions.

Marshawn Lynch, the running back known as “Beast Mode”, has played phenomenally all year long, running for 1,257 yards and the 5-foot-11, 215 pound halfback will be a big part of this game.

Richard Sherman, the loudmouth cornerback is one of, if not the best, cornerbacks in the game, and will have a huge impact on trying to shut down Thomas.

Sherman’s name will be mentioned non-stop throughout most of this game because of his tirade after the win over the 49ers.


Halftime show

This year’s halftime show will feature the infamous Bruno Mars combined with rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers.


How football works

For those of you out there that will be going to the super bowl parties who do not know how football works, here is a little rundown.

1. Each team gets four downs each time they get the football.

2. Both teams can either pass or run the ball to pick up 10 yards.

3. If they get the 10 yards, they get a new set of four downs

4. If the team with the ball does not achieve those 10 yards on the first three tries, they can either punt the ball away, give the other team the ball by kicking it away, or try to make the remainder of the yards on the fourth play.

5. A touchdown is worth six points, a field goal is worth three points, a safety, when a team gets tackled in their own end zone, is worth two points and an extra point is worth one point.


Photo courtesy of Dov Harrignton through Creative Commons