New York and Sandy, New Orleans and Katrina, Miami and Andrew, are all devastating hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on American cities. These hurricanes are a reminder that man is still, and will always, be at the mercy of nature.

Tragically, people in these cities saw their homes and lives destroyed. Nothing good should come from the destruction of entire cities and yet something does.

The priority for development should be the improvement in human wellbeing, the reduction of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, disease, and inequity.

A city destroyed is a city that needs to be rebuilt. Innovation and modernization should be the defining force and the key focus during the rebirth of a city.

Environmental sustainability is not just an idea, but should be the ethos, a way of life. New systems can be introduced along with refitting old systems. Green building, agriculture infrastructure for sustainable food source for our ever-growing population.

Over the summer, the Northern Icecap receded more than it has in any other time in recorded history. Top scientist are speculating that soon, during the summer months there may not even be a Northern Icecap.

While at the same time, we saw record droughts devastating the Midwest.

This is widely understood to be part of the global warming phenomenon. While it is still largely debated among businessmen and politicians as to whether it is a man made occurrence and can anything be done about it.

Most scientists would agree that the phenomenon is in fact happening and becoming a growing threat to our way of life.

Creating environmentally sustainable products through education and the development of new industries has fast become a major concern in the twenty-first century. Several groups have taken the lead in this effort to build a stronger America and a stronger global society.

At Florida Southern College, Student Awareness Generating Action is just one such group. SAGA is part of the Quality Enhancement Plan for FSC, which seeks to unify student and faculty, and creates a heightened sense of awareness of social issues through curricular and co-curricular activities.

SAGA is bringing awareness to issues like world hunger and the creation of environmental sustainable systems that can sustain a global life-support system.

Students interested in supporting and learning more about SAGA or other programs that can help to strengthen our American cities should contact Associate Provost for Experimental Education   Mary Crowe for experiential education at (863) 680-4181 or email at

It is only through awareness that action can happen.


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