Graduated Robbie Swan is winner of Division II Commissioner’s Scholar-Athlete Award.

“I was very surprised when I found out about the nomination, and felt extremely honored that I was still up for awards when I had already graduated. It also brought back a lot of great memories from swimming and school,” Swan said.

The summa cum laude graduate was selected for the Sunshine State Conference.

Even though Swan had to swim almost every day for many hours he figured it out how to succeed with time management.

“I tried to take everything day by day as far as planning and time management to make sure I would be prepared for school, but also rested and prepared for swimming,” Swan said.

Set goals high helped Swan to give his best.

“I have always cared quite a bit about my schoolwork, and always wanted to excel in school. At the same time, I am extremely competitive and that competitive nature helped me in the pool to strive to be the best that I could every day,” Swan said.

Swimmers that are still training with Head Coach Duncan Sherrard, Swan advises to have a relationship with him outside the pool. He describes Duncan as “chill” and “funny.”

“Also, to not take everything he says so seriously many people is intimidated by him because he can be loud and brutally honest,” Swan said.

Swan said that happens because Duncan wants to motivate the athlete and get the most out of it.

“If he isn’t yelling at you, then he doesn’t care about you,” Swan said.

Swan is working in a real estate development company, which he enjoys.

Swan really misses his teammates every day.

“There is definitely a family type feeling with those guys. Just the day in day out interaction I miss. Joking around during practice or seeing the younger guys surprises everyone with big swims and conference and NCAAs. I will miss that a lot,” Swan said.

Swan believes that his team can be as good as him.

“Absolutely. Records are meant to be broken, and are meant for motivation. I always looked up at the record board during practice for motivation. It was easy to find motivation with Jeb and Miguel all over the board,” Swan said.

He trusts that Allan Gutierrez, swimmer, will wipe out his name of the board.

“But that just means everyone is getting faster, and that hopefully this is the year for the men to win NCAAs,” Swan said.