Hayley Metzler
Contributing Writer

Gripping. Suspenseful. Intense. These are all adjectives that describe the movie “The Call.”
Just the title of the movie is enough to send chills down my spine. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie when I went to see “Safe Haven” last month.
I leaned over and whispered to my friend that I just had to see it when it came out. I had high expectations, and my expectations were met.
The movie began with an aerial view of Los Angeles, which is where the movie takes place.
The protagonist Jordan Turner, played by Halle Berry, works as a 911 operator with L.A.P.D.
Rather than music, the opening credits are accompanied by the sounds of numerous 911 calls being made, which I found to be really creative and cool.
The basic plot of the movie is this: it’s an average workday for Jordan until she gets a highly disturbing call.
A hysterical young girl calls saying that she’s alone and a man is trying to break into the house.
Jordan advises the girl to find a place to hide. The intruder searches the house, but, miraculously, he doesn’t find her.
So he starts to leave, but then somehow the call gets disconnected, and Jordan makes the grave error of hitting redial. The intruder hears the phone ring, and as a result, he discovers where the girl is hiding.
He takes her from her home, and her dead body turns up in the woods the next day. Flash to six months later, and Jordan is still not over this traumatic event.
She now works as a trainer for new employees because she can’t handle actually taking the calls anymore.
But one day a call comes in that’s eerily similar to the one that took place six months earlier.
A hysterical young girl is calling from the trunk of a man’s car. She’s using a disposable cell phone, so the police are unable to track her.
Jordan must overcome her fears in order to help the police find this girl before it’s too late.
Overall, I found this movie to be really awesome in every way. It’s a real edge-of-your-seat thriller, and the acting is phenomenal.
The two main characters, Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin, give extremely realistic performances. I was super impressed.
So if you’re looking for an eerie psychological thriller, I would most definitely recommend taking a trip to your local theater and seeing “The Call.”


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