Ryan Sullivan, Staff Writer

Our media outlets today look at ratings instead of people. When a shooting occurs in America over and over again, the country’s news stations focus on the shooter rather than the victims.

But this comes as no surprise; it is the world we find ourselves living in. See, people in today’s society would prefer to worry about money rather than how someone is doing.

We pay attention to the real housewives of Hollywood as opposed to Middle Eastern Christians being killed for their religious beliefs.

They call someone getting a sex change a hero, rather than giving that prestigious title to our  brave soldiers overseas fighting for our freedom.

Today, the American people are getting far too worried about being politically correct. However,  they do not realize that the politically correct thing to do would be to focus on the victims of these horrendous crimes and acts of terror rather than focusing on the shooter.

Yet, still as I sit here writing this piece, a sick human being behind a school shooting will be getting all the airtime on a news rundown.

How about we talk about the lives of the victims who have immensely suffered as a result of  these terrible acts of violence in our country?

The courage they showed when they were faced with pure danger? Their killer will hopefully be put behind bars, sentenced to death and soon forgotten in the minds of the public and the media.

It is vital that we do not forget the victims we’ve tragically lost to these countless acts.

In my opinion, we should not give that attention to the shooters, because that’s exactly what they want, for their point and their voice to be heard.

Instead, let’s all rise up as a nation and deny the psychopaths what they tried to accomplish.

Let’s give the victims a voice of hope, love and life. We may not be able to bring them back, but we can allow their memory to live on.

As Americans we should all stand for what is right and what is just. It’s something our proud country has been doing since 1776.

We are the heartbeat of the world, and, in tragic situations such as this, the planet looks to America to see how we will respond.

We must lead the way by giving new life  and attention to the innocent victims  of these crimes instead of the killers who have caused such tragedy. They can rot in prison.

As a firm believer in America and its constitution; this writer is asking for our entire nation to make a truly important change.

Change the way we view the world. This country is the land we anyone can live their dream.

As a society, we must begin to speak life into these tragic shootings and their victims.


Photo from Huffington Post.