Danielle Burch
Entertainment Editor

The heat wasn’t the only thing sizzling this summer. Movie screens across America were set ablaze by action-packed superhero blockbusters. This summer will simply be remembered as the season for the superhero.

Last summer “Green Lantern”, “Thor”, and “Captain America” made their debuts but seemed to fall flat, especially Green Lantern. Thor, Chris Hensworth, and Captain America, Chris Evans, did on the other hand get a second chance this summer in one of the most anticipated summer flicks “The Avengers.”

Joining them were Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., the Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, and Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner.

This movie kick-started the superhero-packed summer and set the bar pretty high for other beloved comic book legends. This blockbuster was jam-packed with everything you would expect in a superhero movie; a bad guy trying to take over the world with a rather large army and an endless supply of weapons, a person or a group of individuals who have supernatural powers who want to take down said bad guy, and an extremely expensive, epic battle that should take out half of the world, but instead only destroys a few blocks of a fictional city.

Overall seeing this movie was a great way to get out of the record-breaking heat and just enjoy seeing your childhood heroes kick some major butt.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” had the girls swooning over Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man, and the guys gawking at Emma Stone, Gwen Stacy.

This movie did not hold the standard of typical Spider-Man movies in the past; it exceeded it by a long shot. Out of all the versions of Peter Parker this one is by far my favorite. Alright, maybe I am one of the swooning girls, but set aside Garfield’s looks and he did an amazing job embodying the shy Peter Parker.

The chemistry between Garfield and Stone was a match made in Hollywood heaven, and maybe that’s why their on screen love blossomed into one off screen.

Yes the plot was typical Spider-Man; scientist experiment goes wrong and turns him into a creature that only a boy who gets radioactive powers from a spider bite can stop the mad scientist.

I really did enjoy this movie and this is for sure a flick you should add to your Netflix’s Queue.

After breaking the bank by watching so many wonderful films I was able to scratch up just enough to watch the one movie I have waited entirely too long to see.

“The Dark Knight Rises” was everything I wanted it to be. Even though this movie was Bruce Wayne’s, Christian Bale, epic journey coming to a conclusion the supporting roles stole the show. The most obvious was Catwoman, Anne Hathaway, but in my opinion Bane, Tom Hardy, and Blake, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, put the buster in summer blockbuster.

Hardy had big shoes to fill with the absence of what could be America’s all-time favorite bad guy: the Joker. But Hardy  played his role well and definitely came close to Heath Ledger’s Joker.

I promise not to give away everything to this must-see, but I have just two words: deshi basara.

If you find yourself debating which movie you should watch and “The Dark Knight Rises” is the option to go with the cape crusader.

This movie wraps up the trilogy nicely but in true Christopher Nolan, director, style it will have you guessing what really happened.

The summer heat may be dying down and the seasons may be changing but that doesn’t mean the season of superheroes is over just yet. Wolverine, Iron Man, Superman, the Flash, X-Men, and Teen Titans will be hitting the big screen by the end of next summer.

So comic book nerds like myself assemble and start getting your costumes ready for the premieres of some of the most classic and loved heroes.


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