The thrifting craze seems to have started with the popular song by Mackelmore titled “Thrift Shop.” Wearing used clothes is becoming something that college students are doing more often.

While many of us are trying to stay as up to date with what is fresh off the runway as possible, we must remember that we are on a college budget. Many college students have proven that thrift and consignment stores provide great looks without breaking the bank.

Designer items can be found at many consignment stores if you have the time and the patience to look. Lakeland has quite a few stores that cater to the thrifty souls.

Just a simple trip down South Florida Ave will result in a few of Lakeland’s hidden treasures.

First on your stop, right off of Frank Lloyd Wright Way is 360 Unlimited. You cannot miss this store with its creatively decorated storefront.

Once inside every inch of the store is packed with clothes, furniture and other odd knick-knacks including a stuffed alien. This store would be a great place to pick up a Halloween costume.

Just down the street is What’s New Consignment, which offers a special section for name brand clothing.

What’s New owner Teresa Mask has always been enthusiastic about thrifting.

“I highly recommend shopping because of the fun of it. Not only are you saving money and recycling gently used clothing, it’s the thrill of the hunt,” Mask said.

Further down by Publix is Beyond Vintage Consignment which also offers a great variety of trendy finds.

Stores such as Plato’s Closet and Hut 8 take gently used name brands such as Juicy Couture, Lucky and Express. These stores allow you to bring in your clothes in exchange for money.

While the want for the newest trend will always be present, it seems that our generation is moving towards recycling clothing. “Thrifting is a cheap way for students to afford brand name clothing. It is also more affordable for students to be constantly buying new clothes and getting rid of old ones,” junior Katie McKenna said.

There are those who go to consignment stores to purchase, and then there are those who go to contribute.

Many stores such as Plato’s Closet and Hut 8 give you money for your gently used clothes. There are students who use this extra cash to purchase the newest trends.

“I give my old clothes to consignment stores because I clear out space for new clothes, but don’t want to waste my old clothes since I know other will wear them,” junior Ana Zele said.

Whether people are giving their clothes or getting their clothes from a consignment store, more and more keep popping up in our community. The next time you feel like updating your wardrobe stop into a thrift store for a brand new (to you) find.