By Mariah Nichols

  As alarm clocks chime each morning, assignments stack up in piles, and free time seems slim, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. College can be a stressful and overwhelming time, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways to ease the tension and ace this semester.

  It might be hard to figure out how to juggle a full-time schedule, but according to, these student bloggers believe the following tips are worth doing.

Don’t Procrastinate – When doing homework or even studying for an exam, take time and do it early. This helps relieve the sheer panic of waiting until the last minute and gives you more time to be prepared for what’s ahead in class. It’s better to start on homework either right after the class or the same day as it is still fresh in your brain. Another way is to have sticky notes reminding you about assignments that need to be done. This will make procrastinating a thing of the past.

Time Out – Don’t over study to the point where you have become a hermit within your textbook. According to, a UCLA new research states students should focus on sleep rather than cramming an all-nighter. The professor at UCLA admits that students who choose to study or do homework instead of sleep face more academic problems. Use your time wisely.

Study Party – You might think how lame, but it doesn’t have to be. Form a study group with your friends or classmates each week for a few hours. Meet up for a picnic with yummy snacks or explore Lakeland by going out to eat like The Poor Porker on E Main St. or Fat Maggie’s at the Dixieland Mall. Having this mini study jam allows you to swap notes and see how your peers study. This could be helpful along with quizzing each other. And who doesn’t love a good bite to eat?

Plan It Out – The best way to stay on top of your schoolwork and social life is to have a planner. This could literally save your college life and help keep everything well organized, like homework, quizzes, projects and exams. You can even be fancy with it and color code each class subject with a highlighter or gel pens. Remember being bold in your planner helps you retain what’s due for each week.

Another great way to de-stress and enjoy your semester, which leads to better academic achievement, is to step back and learn to appreciate your campus and all that it has to offer. According to The Princeton Review, Florida Southern College has been ranked as the nation’s “Most Beautiful Campus” in their 2012 edition based on a student survey. Why not fully breathe in getting your college experience on the tranquil shores of Lake Hollingsworth instead of studying cooped up in that dorm room all day long? Below are additional suggestions to shake off the doldrums and nab great grades in all of your classes.

Embrace A Hobby – With the campus being located on the lake, your time at FSC provides a wonderful chance to enjoy a tranquil jog, take photos of the tropical retreats, and go boating to unwind. If you are relaxed, you are more likely to perform better during the school year.

Become A Moccasin -Need help getting motivated to study or better yet just go to class? Head straight to the bookstore to shop. Yes, you read correctly. By going there this will bring you back to why you chose this wonderful college and seeing all the cool school gear can give you the boost you need. Buy a shirt or a hat rocking FSC and this will make you feel proud that you are a MOC.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – You will often forget to eat if your nose is buried in the books, so be sure to get out and enjoy a quick coffee or grab a bite with some friends. Whether you enjoy a salad and full meal at Wynee’s Bistro or go for a coffee and a baked good at TUTU’s Cyber Café, a full belly will help you to focus on your studies.

Get Connected – College is a time to make memories and have amazing moments in this chapter in your life. Make it a point to reach out to the students around you to make special friendships and learn of their journey. Many come from all around the globe with interesting cultural differences and experiences. Students at FSC find lifelong friends and even spouses by enjoying the social life. One “hello” can lead to a wonderful opportunity.

Coming off from a long summer and getting back into the campus groove doesn’t have to get your nerves tied up in knots. With these helpful tips you can tackle this semester without even breaking a sweat.