By W James

On Oct. 5, Florida Southern College’s Student Government Association hosted the first Town Hall meeting of the school year in the Hollis Room inside the Thad Buckner Building. Panel speakers included campus officials from the college’s Business and Affairs Office, Office of the Provost and the Center for Student Involvement.

Campus officials were presented the opportunity to clarify issues often discussed on campus. One of these issues centered on the Florida Southern College Business and Affairs Office alleged lack of urgency in filling out the work order forms for campus housing that the students had submitted.

The question was posed to the administration about the lack of response on the work orders submitted because one of the students had a faulty lock on the door to their residence.

“You should always get a response within 24 hours. If you don’t get a response, the easiest thing to do is one of two things. Either file another work order, or grab your RA so they can go up the ladder for you,” Terry Dennis President of Finance and Administration, said.

Dennis also mentioned that over 7,000 work orders were submitted at the beginning of the school year and that some work orders may have fallen through the cracks.

“You have every right, if you’re not getting served or something like that go up the chain of command. Please don’t just say ‘Oh I’m just going to let it go’. Worse comes to worse call Mr. Dennis and he’ll pick up.” Kyle Fedler, Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs, said.

Bill Langston, Dean of Student Development, added that it wasn’t a perfect system but he said that he would help anyone who isn’t being responded to, especially if it’s a safety concern.

Another question that was asked to the panel was about the lack of parking spots around campus with the increases in both parking fines.

Dennis started by saying that the current freshmen class has less students than last year and parking has been tighter than it has been in years past. He then talked about how vital the shuttle system is to having more parking spots

“If everyone starts maxing it out the shuttles, in three weeks, we will put a another one in service,” Dennis said.  “For every student who rides the shuttle, that’s one parking space that stays available for someone else who may need it.”

Dennis then said that the school plans on taking some of the grass lots around the school and covert them to parking which translates to 30 to 40 new parking spaces.

Fedler also spoke up regarding parking and said that other schools don’t allow freshmen to have cars which frees spaces for upperclassmen.

“I am eager for someone to come to me and say ‘that I waited for the shuttle and couldn’t get on because it was full. Our shuttle vendor would love to sell us another van,” Dennis said.

To watch the full Town Hall meeting go to the SGA of FSC Facebook page.


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