Tyler Hillier

Republican nominee for president Donald Trump made a routine campaign stop on Wednesday at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in his continued effort to win over Florida voters along the I-4 corridor. The rally was expected to see over 7,000 attendees, a size that Donald has repeatedly stated he is very proud of.

“If you look around there’s a huge crowd of very diverse and young people. The youth seem more energized than ever. We’re worried about the future but excited about what a Trump presidency means for us,” rally attendee and Florida Southern College student Ally Wolf said.

The rally comes after a recent leaked recording of Trump making lewd comments about women, which the Clinton Campaign was quick to seize on in the media and second debate. The Trump campaign, aware of the controversy around their candidate, took steps to reshape Trump’s image toward women at the Lakeland rally. “Women for Trump” sings were handed out generously to people, and many women moved to strategic locations to help the candidates image. A common practice in politics, one that shows the Trump camp is taking the controversy seriously.

But while Trump may struggle in the polls because of these recent controversies, he’s nothing but the king at his rallies. He was on the constant offensive, making the case against Hillary Clinton and a corrupt establishment, that includes many top Republicans as well. Nobody was spared, from Clinton and the media, to Paul Ryan and “weak Republican leadership.”

The rally marks one of the first since Trump told the media “the shackles were off” and he would fight for the American people his way. Donald Trump told the rally that he’s here to start a movement, and the only special interest beholden to is the American people.

He plans on doing five to six rallies a day as the election nears, so even if he’s “limping to the finish line,” nothing except victory is acceptable. And if he keeps up this schedule, that just may be the result.


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