Peter Edgar

Tutu’s Cyber Cafe will now be staying open continuously from Sunday to Friday afternoon during the school year, according to the Florida Southern College Student Government Association.

The decision, which will add a combined twenty hours to the coffee shop’s working schedule, was the result of an SGA survey given to students last year.

“It’s our first win as a [newly elected] SGA Exec board,” said Arjeet Tipirneni, the Executive Vice President of student government.

Tipirneni described how the survey, released late in the spring, initially regarded the 24-hour room, near Wynee’s Bistro. According to Tipirneni, the majority of students surveyed actually preferred an all-night Tutu’s Cyber Cafe.

“We asked a few people and had meetings and they were on board,” Tipirneni said. The biggest issue was “getting the manpower to do it.”

Those “few people” included Tim Raible, Director of Food Services, and Terry Dennis, FSC Vice President of Finance and Administration.

“I provide sales data to help make good decisions,” Raible said in an email. “I do my best to support SGA… My biggest challenge will be hiring/training the overnight staff.”

Dennis also responded, saying, “the location makes sense because this is a spot where we have computer resources and can provide limited food service.”

“If all student traffic disappears by 3AM every night, then we may adjust the hours,” Dennis said.The hour extension this fall will be a trial period, not a permanent move as of yet.

Beyond staffing and monitoring costs, Dennis expressed another concern: that of the nature of student activity in Tutu’s. He said, “Hopefully our late night users will be respectful… so that it does not become an area of concern.”

The SGA Executive Board’s efforts around Tutu’s have regarded more than its hours. Recently, it has turned a longstanding student complaint into a campaign for digital acrylic signs , in order to reduce the amount of paper that club and organization advertising uses, while the other Exec members are out-of-state.

“We made the decision while we were all together,” Tipirneni said, “but it has been difficult.”

Issues that needed resolving were a lightning strike incident over the summer and the competition for digital signage. Roux Library and administrators also bidded for the limited number of screens the budget provides for.

“I love the Mocs, though,” Arjeet said to end the interview. “Here’s to an exciting and productive new year.”


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