Jessica Stalter

On February 7, Florida Southern students gathered in Edge 201 to create crafts at a Valentines Craft Night event hosted by the Art for the Non-Artist club. 

“Art for the Non-Artist (ANA) strives to provide a safe, judgement free zone for students to create art.” ANA president and co-founder, Sarah Tomlinson said. “Students will be given an opportunity to learn artistic skills at their own rate with no pressure. ANA provides an outlet for students to find new passions, share their creativity, and connect with other students with similar interests all in a stress and judgement free environment.” 

This event gave students the opportunity to gather together and hang out while crafting.

 “We wanted to do a holiday themed craft night to get people excited for Valentine’s Day. We also knew that it was at the end of a week where a lot of teachers scheduled, so we wanted to provide a destress night for FSC students,” Tomlinson said.

Attendees were able to choose from a variety of Valentine’s crafts and activities including wooden picture frames and cut-outs to paint or color, foam puppies with attachable clothing stickers, friendship bracelets and card making. 

“I love all of the options we had for crafting, and how kind everyone is,”  sophomore Ashley Jackson said. 

There were materials available for making these cards and valentines such as  construction paper, stylized paper, foam heart stickers, glitter glue, paint, crayons, markers and candy. 

“I love how many options there were to choose from, my card would never have looked this good by myself,” senior Danielle Miller said. 

The next event hosted by the club will be a Bob Ross painting party on February 28 in Edge at 5:30 p.m. 

“Art for the Non-Artist is a neat club because people of all different skill levels can come and learn how to make fun crafts,” freshman Claire Dininger said.


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