Morgan Swem, Staff Writer

Cheddars Scratch Kitchen opened its newest chain restaurant in Lakeland this past month.

Cheddars Scratch Kitchen is a home-style American food restaurant with a modern and family-friendly atmosphere. The beloved and tasteful dining spot has opened its doors to customers in over 150 other locations around the United States.

Lakeland has acquired one of the newest additions to the Cheddars chain family. The restaurant features a mix of home-cooked southern food with a modern, sophisticated touch. The waiters dress in black slacks and a white blouse with an apron to add to the sophistication and the restaurant itself is filled with modern décor and soft music.

“The food at Cheddar’s always reminds me of the down-home cooking that my grandma always makes,” Florida Southern College student Stephanie Hill said.

As a moderately priced restaurant, Cheddars showcases dishes ranging anywhere from $8-$18 per meal and is known for serving monstrous size portions and offering a wide variety of meal choices. The menu can please even the pickiest of palates. Ranging from juicy steaks, to fresh and tasty salads, savory pasta dishes, big burgers and flavorful chicken dishes, the menu offers many options. Cheddars even accommodates for those with allergies and has numerous gluten-free meal choices. Also, a full-service bar offers a variety of alcoholic beverages to compliment any meal.

“I was so excited to see a Cheddars open here. There is one by my house back home and I love it,” FSC student Allison Howard said. “My favorite thing to eat at Cheddars is the fish tacos. The reason I like them so much is because it is something different. Plus, they are really good.”

Delighting in Cheddar’s delicious desserts is a must during at least one visit. A popular dessert served by the restaurant is their Legendary Monster Cookie. Talk about warm and gooey! It is a freshly baked to order toll-house cookie cooked in a skillet that will leave your stomach happy. But that’s not all. Vanilla ice cream, thick, overflowing chocolate sauce and chopped nuts are loaded on top of the monster cookie.

If your mouth is watering by now, go feed your taste buds and try Cheddar’s food for yourself. The new restaurant is located at 3411 S. Florida Ave, next door to Hooters and Wal-Mart and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week. Though Cheddars has only been opened for about a month, it has been a big hit with the locals and college students alike, receiving excellent reviews and becoming a popular place to eat in Lakeland.