Many students have wondered why participation points have come into play and many students have no idea for what these points are used. Is it a reward system to spark interest in participation around campus? Is it a form of competition to ignite school spirit?

What serves as an online portfolio, event calendar, communication system, and more, MocSync really changes how things work around campus. When attending any campus events such as sport events, hall meetings, or basically any other function provided by Center for Student Involvement, MocSync works with FSC student ID’s to award participation points to all students.

However, clarification as to what these participation points truly entail have yet to arise. Students campus-wide have asked how this newly implemented system works and how it affects them.

This past week, Sean O’Brien, the Associate Director of student involvement on campus, explained what exactly these points mean to FSC students. O’Brien broke down how Center for Student Involvement utilizes the multi-faceted website in regards to Florida Southern College.

“It’s for assessment purposes and evaluation,” O’Brien said. [pullquote]“We want to know whose coming to our events and as a result we get demographic data so we know this many first year students or male versus female. We can use this information to compare it in terms of resources that we use so our larger events that consume higher resources can be organized properly.”[/pullquote]

O’Brien also mentioned that students take away a co-curricular transcript now that MocSync is in place.

“It’ll be a certified document from the institution stating that I was in these organizations, attended these seminars, and more. You now have a database to pick and chose what extra curricular activities you were involved in to show your involvement on campus,” O’Brien Said.

In the near future, Center for Student Involvement intends to further implement MocSync into sporting events as far as a point system that includes school spirit, participation, and more. MocSync is great for a variety of reasons. The website can be used to fill out community living documents such as room changes and break registration forms. Students can also utilize the site to find a job on campus and keeping up to date with any of the centers campus-wide. MocSync features several of FSC’s campus centers such as the Wellness Center, Student Solutions, FSC Athletics, and more.

It can definitely be challenging when a new school year kicks off when trying to balance everything. MocSync is a perfect addition to organizing a student’s life into different activities, obligations, and everything else. Individually speaking, students have their own profile consisting of contact information, a personal calendar, tracking of participation and an ePortfolio.

MocSync will continue to evolve as FSC further implements the new involvement tracking system.